Football: Lézardrieux’s team in four title matches!

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With 13 victories, 4 matches and one defeat, the team soccer of Lézardrieux (Côtes-d’Armor) is the winner of the D2 championship with the best goal average, which was the last opponent on April 7, Trégastel.

THE final sprint It’s launched and you can hear it among all Lézardrivians search for the title and to find the departmental elite.

Interview with Julien Hamon, the instructor.

What change does this latest victory bring to the Trégastel team?

From a ranking point of view, we pass the leaders with the best goal average. This victory against Trégastel makes the mountain possible, the title is also accessible. It will take a battle just like the end to get there.

What matches are on the horizon?

For the end of the season, let’s go to Ploubezre and Tréguier which are at the end of the ranking. Then, we will host Servel for the last home match before ending our season on the other side of the bridge since we will face Paimpol.

When will the championship be played?

The end of the season depends on the spirit and the consistency of performances. We are going to play very good teams until the end of the championship. We’re going to have to be all-out loud because we’ll definitely be expected. The route is long enough to not reach any objects.

Was this title, with this rise to D1, for which you are holding out the bras, expected?

With Quentin Poulouin, my assistant, we focused on recruitment and preparation to play at the top of the table. But when you go down, it is very difficult to free it. At the start of the season, we were not aiming for a rise, but only about restructuring a team and having fun together. It is mid-season and is available for all purposes. Today, we are closer than ever, but we know very well that the hardest part is yet to come.

Videos: in the moment of action

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