Esport – League of Legends: LDLC OL and Team GO stop in the quarter-finals of the EMEA Masters

After a first disappointment for the LFL, the French league of League of Legends, With the elimination of the Aegis at the end of the group stages, it is now Team GO and LDLC OL who were knocked out on Thursday, after the fourth quarter of the Masters EMEA, the second competition of competition in Europe. It is the first time since the 2019 summer split that there will be no representatives of the French league in the last four of this competition.

Foxes Tamed by Wild Cats

The LFL Spring Split winner fell first on Tuesday night against Istanbul Wildcats. First in front of the score, the Foxes were unable to defend themselves against the Turkish counter-offensive. The latter concluded the match 3-1, offering themselves a place in the semi-finals. Like a final before time, the Wild Cats seem set for the European title. Is retrospective SK Gaming Prime, academy team of SK Gaming, tenant of the LEC, the European top level, which won against the Italian organization Macko Esports. The club in Germany is also home to the last Frenchman in the competition, Olivier « Prime » Payet, who will start again in the summoner’s rift Wednesday 26, for a place in the final.

On the other side of the tree, Unicorns Of Love SE won their match, beating Spanish outfit Movistar Riders. It is the second club in the Prime League, the German national division of League of Legends to get his place for the last four.

Team GO too shy

The last French representative still in the running, Team GO, was faced with Spanish rival Los Heretics, the academic team of Team Heretics, also tenant of the LEC. A France-Spain duel that the internet particularly appreciates after many joint events. If GO opened the scoring, it was Heretics who dictated the pace of the other games.

Round four was the most contested. Carried by an Onurcan « Ragner » Aslan of the big nights – probably the best French side -, and then forced to perform, Team GO managed to snatch a fifth match. Timid, too respectful, the Red Tempest was swept away by the Spanish ardor, much more proactive in the ultimate some. The Parisian club lost in the quarter, the LFL no longer has any representative during these EMEA Masters 2023.