OM: an uncertain future for nder

00:45OM: an uncertain future for nder 00:44Man City: Silva warns Madrid 00:35Bavaria: Twitter does not miss Upamecano… 00:28Bavaria: Tuchel, the stat that hurts 00:26Inter: Dumfries wants everything at the end 00:23Man City: Guardiola admits difficulties 00:19LdC: Man City joins a closed circle 00:08Bavaria: Tuchel attacks Turpin 04/19LdC: the ranking of scorers 04/19Man City: Real, De Bruyne impatient 04/19LdC: Beye turns on Turpin! 04/19Bavaria: Pavard explains elimination 04/19VIDEO: Man-san it was cold… 04/19LdC: the posters of the semi-finals 04/19Champions League: Bayern 1-1 Man City (City qualifier) 04/19Champions League: Inter 3-3 Benfica (Qualifying Inter) 04/19Objective: Abdul Samed suspended for 3 games 04/19PSG: Petit thinks Neymar should leave 04/19LdC: the best odds for Bayern-City! 04/19Bara: the contract offers Messi! 04/19LdC: Inter Benfica, line-ups 04/19LdC: Bayern-Man City, line-ups 04/19Chelsea: Newcastle reach out to Joao Flix 04/19Bara: Tebas protects the club for Messi 04/19Betis: Joaquin will retire (off.) 04/19Milan: Giroud extends (official) 04/19Man City: Guardiola and movement management 04/19Bavaria: Man-San, Pavard evokes the altercation 04/19Real: Ancelotti gives news of Alaba 04/19Bavaria: Pavard believes the reassembly 04/19PSG: Nuno Mendes absent from training 04/19Galtier case: Mbappé inquired 04/19Bara: Laporta didn’t convince Tebas 04/19Milan: Maignan, crazy numbers on the penalty spot 04/19Chelsea: Drogba, Lampard’s dry answer 04/19Milan: Charbonnier bows to Maignan 04/19Chelsea: Thiago Silva stings its leaders 04/19Real: Kompany still believes in chance 04/19Lyon: Aouar will not go to Frankfurt 04/19Napoli: Drogba advises against PSG Osimhen 04/19Nice: Galtier fears revelations 04/19PSG: the CUP charges management 04/19Justice: suspended prison sentence for Mns 04/19Galtier case: imposed silence, Nice defends itself 04/19Atletico: Cerezo talks about Joao Flix 04/19Napoli: Spalletti defends Kvaratskhelia 04/19Chelsea: Lampard’s terrible stat 04/19PSG: Boulogne turn, the color of Riolo 04/19Naples: Spalletti very frustrated by the arbitration 04/19Bavaria: Pavard happy with Tuchel 04/19Chelsea: Drogba no longer recognizes his club 04/19West Ham: end of season for Scamacca 04/19Real: Kroos very clear about his future 04/19Milan: the passion of Pioli 04/19VIDEO: Ronaldo’s blood stroke! 04/19Real: Rodrygo feels and LdC DNA 04/19Chelsea: elimination, Lampard’s message 04/19Chelsea: Gallagher’s final report 04/19LdC: Ancelotti lives a new coronation 04/19Chelsea: Thiago Silva quits… 04/19Real: Ancelotti explains Benzema exit 04/19Real: CR7 celebration, Rodrygo explains 04/18Real: Tchouamni does not ask questions 04/18Milan: the great joy of Leao 04/18Milan: in the semi-finals, Giroud wants to dream 04/18Naples: Meret you, but… 04/18Chelsea: Lampard’s great frustration 04/18Milan: Pioli savors the road traveled 04/18Real: Camavinga savors qualifying in the semi 04/18VIDEO: the penalty diverted by Maignan 04/18Real: Benzema, the club’s most cap in C1 04/18VIDEO: Courtois’ incredible save 04/18LdC: Napoli 1-1 AC Milan (Milan qualifying) 04/18LdC: Chelsea 0-2 Real (Real qualifier) 04/18PSG: Dugarry validates the Mourinho idea 04/18Bara: Raphinha’s colors leave… 04/18OM: Mandanda, Guendouzi’s strong tribute 04/18Bavaria: Pavard has fun with his goals 04/18PSG: Ramos, the title ahead of the discussions 04/18Chelsea: Nagelsmann seduces, but… 04/18OM: Bailly will come back well MU 04/18PSG: Zidane, Dugarry no longer believes in it 04/18LdC: the odds of Tuesday’s matches! 04/18LdC: Naples-AC Milan, line-ups 04/18LdC: Chelsea Real, line-ups 04/18Flamengo: Sampaoli v Gerson 04/18PSG: Campos thinks Mourinho… 04/18Bavaria: Tuchel believes in Upamecano 04/18PSG: a big priority, just Kane! 04/18Lyon: Kumbedi an extension (official) 04/18Montpellier: a rookie act in defense? 04/18Naples: Osimhen never doubted 04/18Bayern: Arsenal and Liverpool at Gravenberch 04/18Liverpool: a new record for Salah in Pl 04/18PSG: good news for Verratti 04/18PSG: a reframing of supporters in the Boulogne stand 04/18Real: the government of Catalonia gets involved 04/18Bara: young Hjlund and Orban followed 04/18Angers: Bouhazama leaves the club (official) 04/18Bara: Messi, a return seduces the locker room 04/18Lens: OM monitors Openda 04/18PSG: the Park, Denisot not against and departure 04/18Chelsea: Bara Aubameyang’s demands 04/18Man City: the funny mania of Hland in match 04/18PSG: Neymar continues his rehabilitation in Brazil 04/18Inter: Zanetti with Inzaghi pressure 04/18Man City: the Etihad stadium project 04/18Arsenal: the PlayStation, Neville’s advice 04/18Inter: 3 tracks to replace Lukaku 04/18Case: the new confidences of Pogba 04/18Real: Kroos will extend well 04/18Chelsea: a bonus for Gallagher? 04/18Nice: the Galtier affair frustrates the locker room 04/18Milan: the night disrupted by the Neapolitans 04/18Lille: Bayern have not forgotten David 04/18OM: Zaha on the shelves 04/18Bavaria: Man wants to hang on 04/18Naples: Osimhen, Bayern have a good chance 04/18Real: the diet club? Sarponse at Bara 04/17Eng. : the box of Liverpool!