VIDEO. Football: consternation in Hungary, a goalkeeper stops the shots of a child who was celebrating his birthday

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The heartbreaking episode happened on Monday, March 13, in a league match between MTK Budapest and Diosgyör VTK. The goalkeeper of the visiting team, Zsombor Senkó, did not let a very young boy, who came to give the fictitious kick-off on his birthday, score a goal, attracting the wrath of the public.

A shock of the Hungarian championship was held on Monday, March 13. MTK Budapest received Diosgyör VTK, clash at the top between the first and second in the standings. Palpable tension, which skyrocketed even before the kick-off was given.

Indeed, a young boy from the Budapest club had been chosen to give the fictitious kickoff of the meeting. A child very happy to run towards the opposing goal and try to deceive the goalkeeper of the visiting team.

Except that Diosgyör’s goalkeeper, Zsombor Senkó, did not hear it that way. And twice, he repelled without batting an eyelid the little « assaults » of the very young man. Before returning the ball strongly towards the central circle, so that the real kick-off is given.

A birthday boy brought onto the field to score a goal is denied by a savage goalkeeper… Justified?

— Southland Post (@SouthlandPost) March 15, 2023

The child, quite sheepish, then took refuge in his father’s arms. A team player who displayed a smirk on could no longer crisp. This while the spectators booed the intransigent goalkeeper.

A goalkeeper who subsequently conceded four goals during the game. Budapest wins 4-2.