Arsenal: Arteta accuses the blow

Favorite among the favorites for the final victory in the Europa League, along with Manchester United, Arsenal finally took the door in the round of 16 against Sporting Portugal (1-1, 3-5 on pens) this Thursday, after the 2-2 to go. A normal conception for coach Mikel Arteta, who spoke of a « hard blow » after the penalty shootout…

“Did we do enough to win? No, because we finally lost. lost a lot of balls and we didn’t manage to dominate the game.(…) Penalties are very scary, and we lost. We’ll have to succeed in understanding why we were eliminated, but we also have to quickly rethink the Premier League », reacted the Gunners coach at the microphone of BT Sport.

Arsenal will indeed be able to confine themselves to the British championship, which they currently dominate with five points ahead of their runner-up Manchester City, on April 27.