The ex-captain of the selection of the German boycotters of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar

The ex captain of the selection of the German boycotters of


Philippe Lahm, ex-captain of the team in Germany, has just made a strong announcement: he will boycott the World Cup in Qatar. An ethical choice which is based on solid arguments and which deals a first serious blow to the image of the competition.

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This decision, Philippe Lahm, 38, shared it during an interview with the media baby (Site notre bureau spécialisé). Theoretically, he should have been present in Qatar not as a player, but as a member of the German delegation. It must be said that the boss of Euro 2024 which is organized in Germany, it is him. But for him, there is no question of attending this competition, whatever his status:

“I am not part of the delegation and I have no intention of making the trip as a supporter. I preferred to stay at home. Human rights must play a greater role in the awarding of competitions. »

For Philippe Lahm, nothing justified the choice of Qatar as the host country of a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) World Cup:

“This should not happen again in the future. Human rights, the size of the country… None of this seems to have been taken into account.

Thousands of workers are said to have lost their lives on stadium construction sites. Will this boycott call for others? Between the lines, this is in any case what Philippe Lahm seems to keep, who explains:

« As players, you can no longer pretend you don’t know. »

Because we cannot put up with all the excesses and all the excesses on the pretext of money or spectacle, Philippe Lahm adopts an example of behavior here.