Crisis meeting: grace period for Greuther Fürth coach Marc Schneider

Crisis meeting grace period for Greuther Furth coach Marc Schneider


Among the weakest starts of the season

Greuther Fürth coach Marc Schneider doesn’t have to pack his bags despite the historically weak start to the season for ‘Kleeblatt’, but can also prepare the team for the upcoming game against Paderborn after a crisis interview . « I have never lost a team, » the coach said, according to « Bild » newspaper. « If the players had wanted it differently, I wouldn’t be here now! » According to the newspaper, Sunday’s meeting will be a final for the Swiss.

General manager Rachid Azzouzi did not confirm if this was indeed Schneider’s last chance. His explanation of Schneider’s at least short-term decision: « Marc was very convincing. He seemed very focused, very clear and not depressed. Now it’s about being resilient as a coach and showing trust and then transfer it to the team. » There are « enough measures that Marc has initiated, » the manager said.

After being relegated to the 2nd Division, the gaming association has yet to win under the new manager and also lost in the cup to the Stuttgarter Kickers, scoring just four points after eight league games. This means that Middle Franconia are currently among the five worst relegated players in the history of the German single-track lower house, that is, since 1981 (excluding 1991/92). There is also the relegated Arminia Bielefeld. Nevertheless, Schneider gets another chance in Fürth. « I only told the truth and I was absolutely authentic, » explained the coach during the positive conversation with the club’s management. « I am fully convinced of the turnaround. »

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