Soccer. At La Maladrerie too, “you have to win to hope”

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 » It’s necessary win to hope. » At Maladrerie OS, the configuration is clear. This is a victory over the Avranches reserve team, on May 4, 2024 (2:30 p.m.), and can be taken to the Caen club from still dreaming of the accession barrier in National 3. “We are not safe from a surprise in this championship, whether Verson beats Deauville or Caucriauville beats Gonfreville (the weekend’s oppositions, editor’s note), ahead of Tony Théault. We have to stay sharp and concentrate on what we really have to do. »

Four points behind on the lead

THE two points taken in the last two meetings, on March 23 in Bayeux (2-2) and April 13 in La Ferté Bagnoles (2-2), pushed Tony Théault’s men back. The MOS now has four points behind the leading duo composed of Deauville and Gonfrevillewho is an opponent for the last day of Regional 1.

Mathematically, this is not over, we will believe it until the end. But we will have to do much better than during our last two outings.

<(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>Tony Théault, Maladrerie instructor(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

The MOS tire has the language during the sprint finale, although it is first presented early in the printing process. “We may have too focused on ranking, but it is difficult for the occult, underlines Tony Théault. Many players are discovering the level and have given a lot throughout the season. This guarantees physical and mental fatigue. I think that’a liberation was added to that. Certainly they may have thought that you just had to put on shorts, a jersey and socks to win. This is not enough…  »

A 4-1 victory over the Friendly version

Maladians will have to put more to achieve the 9/9 which will be necessary – but not necessarily enough – to hope to overtake Deauville and Gonfreville on the finish line. “I reviewed the things that I liked during the friendly match against Verson last week. It’s necessary surfer on it. » MOS established itself 4-1 with a double from Ewan Lechevallier, but also from Mathis Charlot and another from Emilien Lefèvre.

We must try to hide the issue in order to focus on the content of our match. If we think about the ranking, we will be more likely to be tense.

<(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>Tony Théault(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

Avranches is in the R1 region, ensures you maintain Since his 1-2 victory at Coutances last weekend. “It’s a team that has ambitions in the top 3, among national comebacks, young players and young talents. It’s a great team that played a great match and nothing undefeated at home. They will be able to to be more liberated. »

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