Soccer. ASPTT Caen is taking big steps towards maintaining and pushing down La Selle-la-Forge

Soccer ASPTT Caen is taking big steps towards maintaining and


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For a long time, Samuel Desgrippes feared that the meeting between his team from ASPTT Caen and La Selle-la-Forge would have the same scenario as the first leg. In Orne, the Postiers, who led 1-0 and who had a host of opportunities, had the opportunity to equalize in the final (1-1). This Saturday, May 4, 2024, the Yellow and Black took the advantage at the end of the first quarter of an hour and had to wait until the 88th minute to take cover definitively (2-0).

ASPTT opens the scoring…

It was the boy Teddy Guyon, one of the U19s picked up by Samuel Desgrippes to strengthen the team, who opened the scoring, taking advantage of an unfortunate slip from Maël Bouteloup, his direct opponent, to shoot Nathan Bizet ( 1-0, 17th). Hardly dangerous, the Ornais then saw with relief, the goalkeeper won his face-to-face with Vincent De Albuquerque (29th) and the same child, evaluator of the justice framework in a Louka Saint-Clair center (32nd).

…but is slow to make the break

Should we launch into the battle to score the second goal or manage the lead on the scoreboard? For a long time, Kévin Lemonnier’s teams worked together on the wall light strategy. And as opposite, the players of Viano Mendés were determined to play their luck to the fullest, the game remained undecided for a long time, too long in the eyes of the postman coach who urged his players to attack.

Those from La Selle-la-Forge thus had a few opportunities to score. Ilyas Yeni, after a one-two with Léo Martel, was too greedy by attempting one dribble too many (59th) and Lorry Levionnois had to work to divert a try from Bryan Boissée into a corner (66th). Previously, Louis Bretteville available in his face-to-face with the Ornais goalkeeper (63rd). Right in front of him, there is a very vigilant man who deflects with a firm tap a shot from Raidwan Vannier (66th).

Maxime Roynel came to lend a hand to the reserve team.
Maxime Roynel came to lend a hand to the reserve team. ©Aline CHATEL

ASPTT almost launched

Sensing the danger, the locals, under the leadership of Maxime Roynel, pushed their actions a little further and multiplied the heated situations in front of the Ornais goal. It’s a second time a reward but Teddy Guyon, facing Nathan Bizet (2-0, 88th) who defines the type of meeting… and will win the season.


ASPTT Caen – Selle la Forge 2-0 (MT: 1-0)

Goals: Guyon (17th, 88th)

ASPTT: Levionnois, Hebaz, Bretteville, Anne dit Lecoq, Lemonnier (cap), Leroulley, Guyon, Noel, De Albuquerque, Roynel, Saint Clair; Substitutes: Pitel, Lefranc, Dumas; Coach: S. Desgrippes

La Selle la Forge: Bizet, Jumeline, Bouteloup, Carville, Launay, Roge, Martel, Harid (cap), Boissée, Yeni, Moussaid; Substitutes: Gilbert, Touati, Vannier; Coach: V. Mendes

Reaction from Samuel Desgrippes (ASPTT Caen):

“It’s a match that resembles that of the first phase in the sense that we have the feeling of controlling the opponent except that as long as we haven’t broken, we leave them alive, we gives hope. If at half-time we had been two goals ahead, we would certainly have managed the second game better. We had some nice chances but we wasted too much and in the end, we left too much time between our two goals. A child in the Saddle who is not allowed to play, who has nothing to do with his arms, is an acceptable match for the child and for the spectator. »


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