Real Madrid deny negotiations with Mbappé – talks only allowed from January

Quote from Shunsuke Nakamura

What I do not understand :

Ramos was fired because Madrid said « with a maximum of 22 million we have reached the maximum salary! »

How then do you want to afford Mbappé, who definitely wants a salary of 100 to 300 million per year and 100 to 500 million in pocket money? Even if he plays for Madrid for « only » 80 and takes « only 50 to 100 million » money in hand, but this ruins the whole salary structure?

He also proved that his personality only suits teams like Paris, Newcastle or SA.

CR7 also earned significantly more than the rest of the team.
This is possible if, on the one hand, the player has the appropriate sporting quality and, on the other hand, as a global brand, he also gets a significant part of his salary back. Especially since CR7, Messi and Neymar are in the final stretch of their careers. In terms of marketing potential, Mbappé is already in a fairly small group just behind the three.

In addition, he will certainly not get at Real the money he gets today at PSG.
The reason for this crazy contract was that he had already spent a game and a half in Madrid before being showered with money to give him two more years in a second division league, two more years at a club that didn’t ‘certainly didn’t have one. having the charisma of Real & Co must make him acceptable for two more years at a club which, apart from the year under Tuchel, does not regularly do much in the CL. PSG had to compensate for all this with money. And Real has none of that.
Of course, it will still be a monster contract, but no normal (Site notre bureau spécialisé) club can manage such numbers. This only works if there is someone in the background opening the gas valve just a little bit more.

Personally, I would of course have thought that it would be great if Real said they had a chance to come to Madrid and that a club like Real wouldn’t let themselves be asked a second time. But I doubt Perez will miss the opportunity to sign the next CR7/Messi/Neymar in terms of marketing. It’s a different kind of vanity that he actually wants to see someone like that in the white jersey.