Ligue 2. Scalded, Mouanga dumpling: FC Annecy is scuttled against leader Laval

The Annéciens can dream of offering themselves two successes in a row for the first time in L2 and returning to victory at home for the first time since August 19. The series passed everything and the FCA returned to three small Bordeaux pieces, first relegated, or it left the same day (3 p.m.).
In this molasses of rain and mud, the Haut-Savoyards had the good idea to let Laval quickly take the lead on the scoreboard. On a lost ball in the middle of the field, Bobichon was found about thirty meters from the goal from where he fired a shot that lobbed Escales, who remained planted in the grass on this shot (0-1, 8e).

A new penalty for Annecy

We then wondered how FC Annecy would manage to resurface in this match, on a pitch where the ball moved in slow motion, where puddles continued to grow and craters bloomed in the rain. But, finally, with energy, the Annéciens, in a 4-4-2 diamond formation with Larose associated with Ntamack in front, managed to put danger on the Samassa goal. Soon you will intervene in the form of the limit on Ntamack, which will be sent to you (20e), Mahop found Larose in a good position (23e) This is the last phase of the game that the Haut-Savoyard region must face: a penalty.

For the fifth time, out of 16 goals scored, this is how Guyot’s men are tied when Roye, in a duel with Pajot, touches the principal’s ball on a Kandil corner. Ntamack scored his three goals of the season, the second from the penalty spot (1-1, 26e). Laval also demanded it just before the break when Mahop pushed Labeau-Lascary in the back to send him spinning around Ventriglisse (45e+3).

The Annéciens returned with the best intentions after the Qandil break (47the51e), nor Larose (55e) failed to put the FCA in front. The leader, and perhaps that’s why he is, was not going to wait for so many situations to take the lead again. A cross from Vargas, a perfect uncrossed header from Roye arrives launched into the surface and the FCA gets back into trouble (1-2, 56e). Guyot has a long training period to choose the offensive option with Caddy, Testud and Billemaz in Ntamack and Kandil (67th).e).

Mouanga’s corn gag

But Annecy was never going to take advantage of it, nor ever believe in anything. The Haut-Savoyards ruined their end of the match with a gag goal against his side from Mouanga who sent a too strong back pass to Escales who desperately rolled into the goal (1-3, 77e). The central defense definitely had a match with an explosion for Chamaille with Thomas (84the). A bi-sales evening.

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