Not in my living room! The filler pitcher steals the base from a colleague

In their 100th international match against Ukraine, the DFB team scored an opening goal at the Weser Stadium in Bremen, causing some confusion. In the 6th minute, Marius Wolf received the ball from a chip ball signed Jo Kimmich, briefly adjusted the ball and then shot ten yards.

The ball hit the net for Ukrainian goalkeeper Turbin, which was probably not so much down to Wolf’s finishing – but rather Niclas Füllkrug, who threw himself into the shot as if to say « In my living room, I always do the cabins”, and deflected the ball (and maybe decisively).

The national team’s Twitter team were also not entirely sure of the goalscorer’s identity.

In a test match, which consists mainly of collecting donations for Ukraine, it is ultimately negligible who should be credited with the goal, Marius Wolf should still be annoyed by the goal stealing: it would be his first hit in an international match .