Football – Ligue 1. A dramatic change at Paris SG, Mbappé forces his departure

The best French player has decided not to exercise his option. Taken aback, Paris SG is practically forced to open the door to a transfer for him this summer.

«  There is a contract. Next year I will be there and I will be very happy said Kylian Mbappé on May 28, on the sidelines of the UNFP Trophy award ceremony. Even Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid had no heart for optimism in view of the 2023 transfer window in recent days.

Various sources have reported in recent weeks on the desire of the native of Bondy not to exercise his option for 2024-25. Clearly, Mbappé would play next season and would find himself free of any commitment at the end of June 2024, with the possibility of returning of course, but also that of leaving free for other skies.

This Monday we learned that the striker had notified the club of his decision: he will not activate this famous option. What forced the effect of a bomb at the headquarters of PSG where we do not understand how this decision ends up in the hands of journalists before having been communicated to the club.

Most gross contract

Especially since Mbappé, holder of the biggest contract … outside Saudi Arabia, had, in fact, no need to write this famous letter and to act on his decision now, knowing that the said option can be activated, or not, before the end of July.

Thus, Kylian Mbappé «  strength Paris to consider the possibility of a sale this summer: either the former Monegasque extended, or the Parisian management will seek to sell him quickly. We have chosen for sure: Paris Saint-Germain will in no case take the risk of letting their free player slip away in 2024.

The surprise is all the greater in Paris as the two camps were discussing various options which could allow the striker of the Blues (68 selections, 38 goals) to re-emerge, with investments in his additional projects, various arrangements in terms of image rights.

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