Mercato: why Walker wanted to sign for Bayern… before withdrawing

THE 01/29/2024 1:34 p.m.

Mercato: why Walker wanted to sign for Bayern... before leaving

Kyle Walker finally leaves Manchester City.

European champion with Manchester City, Kyle Walker will return to Bayern Munich in the off-season before his return. A choice of English right-back, entangled in an extra-sporting affair against the backdrop of adultery.

Can we leave Manchester City, considered the best club in the world for two years, and is a majestic player? Ilkay Gündogan, who wore the armband, has the choice to join FC Barcelona until the end of his contract. Riyad Mahrez, who has a tenure at the end of the season, has a clue among the Saudis to recover a staggering salary. Cole Palmer (Chelsea) and Aymeric Laporte (Al Nassr), both in the same season, also participated in the decision to become European champion. A list of the source can be heard from Kyle Walker.

A private dissolution

Indeed, the long-term question arises of the transfer of the English defense to Bayern Munich. A rapprochement which came as a surprise to more than one during the summer since the former Tottenham player is essential under the orders of Pep Guardiola. So, what bug has stung the right side to the point of pushing him to set sail despite his very comfortable situation from a sporting point of view? For this, we must go beyond the framework of sport and check the private life of the player. In today’s edition, The Sun reserved its front page with a giant photo of the player and a headline « I’m sorry» .

Sorry for what ? Well, Walker revealed an extramarital affair with an English reality TV star. Already the father of four children with his partner, the Briton had two children with another woman. An adulterous behavior that he deeply regrets. “I made stupid choices and stupid decisions. I can’t think about it and can’t imagine what Annie looks like. I’ve tried asking him but it’s painful and blessing. The man who is supposed to love her, care for her, and be there for her, did this» , a ruminated on the international with 81 selections with the Three Lions for the tabloid.

A transfer would have made things worse according to Walker

Aware that he had triggered a crushing machine, Walker tried to flee to avoid finding himself in the spotlight. “If you are part of Bayern Munich because of the English press, you will save everything that happens, but you will also be in Germany”, continued the main interest. Once you have heard the words and the opposite, the final retrospection of these minds is found in a series of discussions with the formation of the English language. “Did I want to leave? No, of course not, I’m on the best team in the world» , a versatile defense insistence.

According to Walker, a transfer would only have worsened his personal situation. “I was very close to moving. I was going to a big club, a huge club. But in the end, if it’s to go to Germany and be alone… There’s pain and emotion right now but I can go home, take the kids to school and my little one boy playing (Site notre bureau spécialisé)» , finished the Sheffield-trained player. A visible decision to pay for the opportunity to join in September a team of triple champion anglers with a title of 34 years and a long extension until June 2026.

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by Youcef TouaitiaTHE 01/29/2024 1:34 p.m.