Football: JS Lanvollon no longer has a string of cards but suffers from a lack of field

Football JS Lanvollon no longer has a string of cards


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With defeats against teams Hierarchically Inferior in Sectionin the championship, the players of the JS Lanvollon (Côtes-d’Armor)which evolved in R3, Ontario groped at the start of the season.

The coach Florian Dumont arrived at the origin of Quessoy in his analysis.

Above all, we lacked consistency. We were about victory, defeat, victory, defeat. We can’t wait until December 3rd. Even against Pontrieux when we were beaten (3 to 0), we were not overwhelmed

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The team’s team lacks experience, in Lanvollon, it’s youth that takes precedence.

A group of two and very large.

You should know that I haven’t been able to put together the same team twice since the start of the season. Between the injuries, the suspension, the tactics used and the opposing equipment. You don’t have to worry about your world and your potential. The group is young and of excellent quality

Florian Dumont, new coach at JS Lanvollon (Côtes-d’Armor).
Florian Dumont, new coach at JS Lanvollon (Côtes-d’Armor). ©Florent Le Carrou/La Presse d’Armor

Cross a level

It is an excellent choice for the JSL, often in the premier category of the champions who preceded it, for great successes. franchise a level.

The club is an advanced set. There are bosses and young teachers. The training work is good, the club is renowned for. This is something old and particularly important for the framer.

As the group progresses, they also learn from their mistakes throughout the season.

“We haven’t had too many suspended from the start. This is what we have already corrected, because last year This is the club that is available and takes the most cards. 40 memory suspensions, precise coach. There, our summer firsts of the class with 4 suspensions, in my set. We were much calmer. We produce a lot more game. »

Videos: in the moment of action

The group has no problem with fair training and preparation, more efficiency on the surface of truth. Le must score more goals. The players are young and think it will happen like this. While not ! We need to find ways to do more.

The condition of the land in question

The former Stade Paimpolais FC player is incriminated against the children’s unique address, but also the state of the land.

Frankly, the guys deserve to train in these conditions. This is a 30 year old training session. In past years, come November, there were only 7 left sometimes

The new coach needs a big shake-up.

“Just a little more maintenance.” It’s complicated with the services’ techniques. So yes, we hear about synthetics. It’s definitely the ideal tool. We are at 485 licenses. It is enormous. There are more licenses than in Paimpol. And we only have one training ground for all these players. Car on other terrain without lighting.”

A big match awaits the team facing the leader, the Entente du Trieux, next weekend. The violets are not covered by their ambitions to finish in regional firsts 3. Currently 5e your ranking, read Lanvollonnais doesn’t want to laugh.

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