Market values ​​RL Northeast: RW Erfurt dominates and has the biggest winners

Hertha talents ahead

Promoted Rot-Weiss Erfurt recorded the most upgrades of any club in the Regionalliga Nordost mid-market value update. Six players from the second in the table, who are two points behind and one game less than leaders Energie Cottbus, claim a direct march to the 3rd division, have risen by 50,000 euros and are therefore part of a byte that shares the bigger more .

They are Kay Seidemann, Artur Mergel (each for 125,000 euros), Aaron Manu, Salomon Patrick Amougou Nkoa, Romario Hajrulla (each for 100,000 euros) and Nazzareno Ciccarelli (75,000 euros) of RW Erfurt shares, as well as Joe-Joe Richardson (for 100,000 euros) from Greifswalder FC and Ensar Aksakal from the secondary representation of Hertha BSC (at 150,000 euros).

Overall, Erfurt increased the squad value from €1.02m to €1.41m and are now in the middle of the league. Hertha BSC youngsters are still in the lead, with Lukas Ullrich (350,000 euros) and Derry Scherhant (300,000 euros) also providing the two most valuable players in the league (statistically), but losing slightly overall (-70,000 in 3rd place) .13 million).

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