A reunion between Mbappé and Martinez in February?

The good performances of Emiliano Martinez during the World Cup did not go unnoticed by the side of Bayern Munich, in search of a goalkeeper following the injury of Manuel Neuer.

Emiliano Martinez together making and fixing. On Sunday and since the historic coronation of Argentina, the Albiceleste goalkeeper has indeed multiplied the provocations aimed at Kylian Mbappé. If the Aston Villa goalkeeper had shown empathy with the Bondynois while the latter was prostrate on the lawn of Lusail Stadium, trying to comfort him alongside Emmanuel Macron, the situation has completely changed since the return of the Argentines in the locker room.

As the Argentinians celebrated their coronation, Emiliano Martinez thus asked for a minute of silence for Kylian Mbappé, « who is more ». And the former Gunner did not stop there as evidenced by the parade of new world champions on Tuesday in Buenos Aires. The best goalkeeper of the World Cup was indeed displayed on the imperial bus with a doll bearing a photo of Kylian Mbappé on the face.

The former Monegasque, who nevertheless scored three goals against Emiliano Martinez before succeeding in his shot on goal, is undoubtedly impatient to cross paths with the Argentinian goalkeeper again. And his reunion could take place very quickly, from the month of February. According to the BBC, Bayern Munich, PSG’s next opponent in the Champions League, would indeed be interested in the Villans goalkeeper. The Bavarian club, which lost Manuel Neuer for many months due to a leg injury, is looking for a goalkeeper and will have been seduced by the performance of the Argentine hero. Perhaps less by his provocations.