Man Utd: Elanga sold Forest (official)

12:11 p.m.Man Utd: Elanga sold Forest (official) 11:58CdM (f): Norway stumbles on Switzerland 11:49Friendly: Paris SG-Al Nassr, line-ups 11:36PSG: Vitinha embarrasses for Mbappé 11:21 a.m.Bara: Kessi will join Juventus 11:08Aston Villa: Inter push for Martinez 10:50 a.m.Bavaria: Kimmich has decided for his future 10:37Atalanta: an old Rémois… for 31 M€! 10:13 a.m.PSG: Real, another option for Mbappé 09:59Man City: imminent extension for Ake 09:30CdM (f): New Zealand beaten 09:11PSG: Mbappé, Anne Hidalgo does not understand 08:51CdM (f): between Russians for Colombia 08:39Aston Villa: Sanson near Nice (official) 8:22OM: Ismala Sarr until 2028 (off.) 07/24Newcastle: Saint Maximin tackles Richarlison! 07/24PSG: Asensio gives his best job 07/24MF poll: Aubameyang will succeed OM! 07/24Man City: good news for De Bruyne 07/24Al-Hilal: Mbappé, Antetokounmpo offer themselves… 07/24Lyon: Lukeba is no longer for sale 07/24Lens: Haise issues a warning 07/24Valencia: Cavani against Boca Juniors 07/24PSG: a target Spanish goalkeeper 07/24PHOTOS: Man Utd reveal their 2nd shirt 07/24Bara: Mbappé, the club feels used 07/24Dortmund: Sabitzer signs (official) 07/24EdF (f): concern for W. Renard 07/24PSG: Mbappé, Al-Hilal’s offer accepted! 07/24PSG: Asensio justifies the choice of his son 07/24Man City: Haaland, favorite Guardiola 07/24Real: Ancelotti ences dj Bellingham 07/24Bavaria: Goretzka debunks rumors 07/24Lens: the young Khusanov recruited (official) 07/24OM: Aubameyang’s first words 07/24Roma: Dybala upgraded to erase his clause 07/24Bara: Demb rejected Al-Nassr 07/24PSG: Lazio recal Paredes 07/24Real: Valverde’s response to Mbappé 07/24Betis: Canales sold to Rayados (official) 07/24OM: Sass returns to the rumors 07/24Chelsea: Al-Hilal won’t let go of Lukaku 07/24Bavaria: Nbel to a Stuttgart loan 07/24CdM (f): Brazil have fun 4-0 07/24Real: Prez dodges for Mbappé… 07/24PSG: a well-offered position Maldini 07/24OM: a sale to be expected? 07/24Juve: Pogba still has to be chomping at the bit… 07/24Arsenal: Pepe free soon? 07/24Bara: Lenglet-Garcia, OM inquired 07/24PSG: Mbappé, a salary for Al-Hilal? 07/24Atalanta: Hjlund, it’s €80m! 07/24PSG: Mbappé, Bara wants to offer players 07/24CdM (f): Germany atomizes Morocco! 07/24LdC: OM will challenge Dnipro or Panathinaikos 07/24Milan: to West Ham for Origi 07/24PSG: Mbappé, Al-Hilal offers 300 M! 07/24Atalanta: Boga on the way to Nice? 07/24Al-Sadd: Sass a sign (official) 07/24OM: Aubameyang, son pre has no doubts 07/24Bavaria: Man reframes a journalist! 07/24Lens: Naples still melts on Danso 07/24VIDEO: Ismala Sarr, medical visit with OM 07/24Aston Villa: Sanson soon ready for Nice 07/24CdM (f): Italy wins on the wire 07/24OM: Aubameyang, behind the scenes of his arrival 07/24Bavaria: Sabitzer on the way to Dortmund 07/24PSG: Mbappé, the president of the private UNFP 07/24OM: Ndiaye, and hoped for a quick outcome 07/24Tottenham: Kane, the big boss met the pressure 07/24Friendly: Real overthrows Milan 07/23Galatasaray: Zaha signs, Icardi arrives 07/23Lorient: a Beninese striker on the way 07/23PSG: Hjlund, Man Utd will take action 07/23Chelsea: a first offer for Olise 07/23Miscellaneous: Valbuena, towards Cyprus? 07/23OM: Maehle, why did you get stuck 07/23Miscellaneous: Denayer bounces back in Saudi Arabia 07/23PSG: Kane tries the final? 07/23PSG: good news for Neymar! 07/23Friendly: Lyon falls against Molenbeek 07/23Newcastle: Saint-Maximin, political transfer 07/23Friendly: Nantes wins against Angers 07/23Wolfsburg: when Kovac boasts of Ligue 1… 07/23Galatasaray: Bakambu for 2 years (official) 07/23Wolverhampton: Jimnez v Fulham 07/23Chelsea: Hudson-Odoi courted in Italy 07/23Bara: Joo Flix’s brother insists 07/23Real: Vinicius wants and will take penalties 07/23Lyon: and target Georgian defender 07/23Galatasaray: Zaha approaching 07/23Newcastle: Barnes signs for 44 M (official) 07/23PSG: Osimhen left to extend Naples 07/23Man Utd: Bailly has offers 07/23Al-Hilal: and now Malcom! 07/23Man City: a full-back for Reims (official) 07/23Hellas: Tameze transferred to Torino (official) 07/23Villarreal: Danjuma v Everton (official) 07/23CdM (f): Renard joins a closed circle 07/23EdF (f): Le Sommer points to a problem 07/23EdF (f): Renard wants to be reassuring 07/23CdM (f): the classification of group F (France) 07/23CdM (f): France 0-0 Jamaica (finished) 07/23Chelsea: Colwill, Pochettino’s announcement 07/23Atlético: Joo Flix, Bara not interested 07/23OM: agreement with Watford for I. Sarr! 07/23PSG: Mbappé, what do his teammates think? 07/23Al-Ettifaq: an agreement with Mr. Demb 07/23Man City: double salary for Bernardo Silva? 07/23CdM (f): The Netherlands provides 07/23CdM (f): France-Jamaque, line-ups 07/23Man Utd: Such Al-Nassr, it’s a sign (off.) 07/23PSG: Mbappé, a « tricky » subject for Marquinhos 07/23PSG: a view from above in the view 07/23PSG: Real will wait for Mbappé 07/23Galatasaray: a great offer for Zaha 07/23Grmio: It’s still unclear for Suarez 07/23Man Utd: Onana, Varane rubs his hands 07/23CdM (f): Sweden is scared 07/22Ajax: Chelsea take on Kudus