Compact Women’s World Cup: MVT « only » satisfied, Popp equalizes with Grings

With the highest victory to date in this World Cup, Germany started the tournament with more confidence. Morocco didn’t stand a chance when the DFB Women scored 6-0. You can find out what else happened on Monday at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in our daily update. You’ll also find all of today’s game highlights here.

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The national coach « satisfied – no more no less »

After the landslide victory at the start of the World Cup, national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg is relieved. Nevertheless, she knows that the next big task now awaits her – with Colombia next Sunday. So she wants to stay true to herself and not stand out with the clear 6:0. « We got our first victory and thanks to the many goals we created space, it could also be important. So we are satisfied – no more and no less. You can classify the game in every way.

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Alex Popp equalizes with Inka Grings

Thanks to the two spectacular goals against Morocco – including one from the backward movement with the ear – Alex Popp now has 64 goals to his name. The DFB captain equalizes with Inka Grings, currently Switzerland’s head coach, and is third in Germany’s top scorers list. Both now have five World Cup goals to their name – and that shouldn’t be enough for Popp.

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Rainbow message even without a bandage

During the match against Morocco, captain and doubles scorer Alex Popp ran in wearing a bandage that read « United against violence against women ». The rainbow tie is also prohibited in this tournament. But there were a total of eight variations of the captain’s armband to choose from. But the message of the rainbow tie remains. « I think many of the values ​​that the rainbow flag represents and that we stand for are now represented in the solutions proposed by Fifa, » Laura Freigang told Bild.

Short appearance of superstar Marta

Marta, the queen of Brazilian women’s (Site notre bureau spécialisé), started her sixth and final World Cup. The 37-year-old sat on the bench for a long time before stepping onto the pitch to loud applause fifteen minutes from the end. It was already 4-0 for Brazil against Panama and the world (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er did not change anything in this result. For her departure from the big (Site notre bureau spécialisé) scene, this start was however tailor-made and nourished Marta’s hopes for a definitive title.

Highlights of today’s games

Italy 1-0 Argentina

Substitute a few minutes earlier, Cristiana Girelli bought the Italian team at the end of the 87th minute. At 33, she is the oldest player in Italy and has once again shown her experience.

Germany – Morocco 6:0

A brace from Alex Popp, two own goals and goals from Klara Bühl and Lea Schüller make the start of the DFB Women’s World Cup perfect. A clear signal to the competition.

There were some great goals to see from Brazil. In the match against Panama, the players around superstar Marta showed their class and danced on the pitch with ease. That leaves a lot more to look forward to!

That’s why you shouldn’t miss tomorrow

The New Zealand hosts are back in action tomorrow after the surprising opening victory. The opponents are the Philippines. And they want to ‘crush’ the New Zealand party, as coach Alen Stajcic said before the game. Despite his recent defeat against Switzerland, he is in good spirits and does not want to miss the opportunity in front of a large audience.

The Swiss of Inka Grings, meanwhile, are aiming for their second victory. With a second three, the « Nati » could qualify early for the round of 16. In the early morning, Colombia are already playing against South Korea – the two opponents who are still waiting for the German team in the group stage.

Photo of the article:Compact Women's World Cup: MVT "only" satisfied, Popp equalizes with Grings

The next matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Here is what awaits you on Tuesday, July 25, 2023:

You can find all the highlights of the FIFA World Cup 2023 in the One(Site notre blog d’information) app after the match is over.