France-Argentina: The new madness of Emiliano Martinez

Determined to be able to take advantage of his world champion medal, Emiliano Martinez spared no expense to protect his charm.

Emiliano Martinez is back to normal. Two weeks after being the hero of the coronation of Albiceleste in the final of the World Cup, the Argentinian goalkeeper has indeed found the grounds of the Premier League on Sunday. For his resumption match, the Aston Villa goalkeeper had to settle for a place on the bench, Unaï Emery preferring Robin Olsen for this trip to Tottenham.

Turning the page on the World Cup could not be easy for the native of Mar del Plata, returned to the rank of hero by all countries. Emiliano Martinez also intends to maintain the memory to the maximum. In particular by being able to admire his world champion medal as much as he wishes. Rather than put it in the bank, the Albiceleste goalkeeper decided to keep the medal at home. And to believe the DailyStarhe also has a precise idea of ​​the surveillance system.

According to the English daily, Emiliano Martinez would have indeed bought a dog, more precisely a Malinois. And the doorman of Villans would not have looked at the expense since he would have spent some €25,000 to afford the dog in question! The reason for such an amount? The Malinois would have undergone special forces training.