Cagliari, the party despite the defeat

Beaten at home Thursday evening by Fiorentina (2-3, 38th day of Serie A), Cagliari still celebrated Claudio Ranieri, whose final match as coach it was.

The day before its last league outing this season, Cagliari learned that its coach was leaving. In a video posted on the club’s social networks, Claudio Ranieri announced his career was the last match his team played. This meeting took place this Thursday against Fiorentina. If they lost in the last moments by the viola (2-3), the Rossoblu took care to celebrate their carriage.

Already assured of its survival before the start of the match, Cagliari conceded a first goal at the end of the first period (39th). But the locals equalized perhaps after the hour mark (64th) before taking the advantage thanks to Mutandwa (2-1, 85th). Short-lived joy Since Gonzalez equalized for Fiorentina four minutes later (2-2, 89th) before Arthur Melo tipped the match in favor of the visitors at the end of extra time, with a saving penalty (2 -3, 90th+13).

Standing ovation for Ranieri

The result is not a mistake for the children of Florence, but they are certainly assured of having a good place, synonymous with the European Conference League in the pro-season. The rest of us have a game in hand with the contender against Atalanta (matchday 29).

As for Claudio Ranieri, he won a long ovation and a standing ovation from his supporters after the final whistle. The party was almost complete.