Bundesliga: Darmstadt 98 is relegated from the Bundesliga

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When you see the Darmstadt team, it was normal and completely normal. They had a great year in the Bundesliga and are preparing for the 2nd league again. The team during the last promotion and purchases were stronger and the quality was better. I think it’s great that they are sticking to Lieberknecht and assessing the situation realistically.

Lieberknecht may be a good promotion coach, but he can’t do it in the premier league. So it’s a bit strange for me to stay with him for so long and to be relegated with him again.
Heidenheim ö shows that things are improving a lot

I think that’s a strange statement. Nothing against Darmstadt, but the quality of the team just isn’t good enough for the Bundesliga, and it was the same against Braunschweig.
The comparison with Heidenheim is a bit wrong when we compare the two teams and see how homogeneous and well positioned Heidenheim is compared to Darmstadt.
Questioning the quality of the coach is like calling a car driver bad even if he drives a Golf in Formula 1.

In the last 4 years we were 5,7,4&2 in the 2nd league, so the promotion was not an exception like Fürth, for example, a few years ago, which had never been better than a 8th place previously.
Furthermore, we only had two relevant departures with Pfeiffer and Tietz and four newcomers with Skarke, Justvan, Nürnberger & Klarer, who are pretty ready for the Bundesliga.
Now for the coach: strange decisions have been made this season, players have been left out of the team several times only to start again in the next match, players have been held back too long and are not. . they are quite efficient (Gjasula, L. Pfeiffer, Karic), although there are better alternatives in the team and we have not managed to establish a clear defensive line so far, there is a va wild back and forth in every match.
In 15 years as a coach, Lieberknecht never showed that he could fight relegation, every time he was in a relegation battle it ended up ending, whether at home, in Braunschweig or in Duisburg and whether in the 1st or 2nd Bundesliga.