ᑕ❶ᑐ Organized by São Paulo, the requirement for licenses and says what kind of technician wants if Ceni falls: « No more mediocre technicians »

Organized main crowd of Sao PauloIndependent to wait almost 24 hours after the Elimination from the Paulista Championship to collect metrics and make requests for what you want for the season sequence.

In a text published on the social networks of the supporters, the management of Independente elected the priorities of the club, ranging from the reformulation of the medical service to the hiring of punctual reinforcements and defined the situation of Rogério Ceni.

Speaking of medical service, which appears in the spotlight after excessive damage in the teamIndependente demands the resignation of certain professionals currently working at Reffis.

On the ground, the request was for « punctual reinforcements », precisely to fill the vacant position of Those who are injured and have no return planned. These are the cases of defender Ferraresi and midfielder Galoppo, the latter with a problem with the cruciate ligament of the knee.

The last point of the manifesto is linked to Rogério Ceni. The crowd speaks of the coach’s « setting the situation » and were not in favor of a dismissal. Corn, when produced, the request is for a technician « with gringa certification ». According to the survey of ESPN, the idol is in no danger of being fired.

For the position of Independent in its integrity:

Today, really, the team of people from the cities and the crowd that leads.

However, we are aware, more than possible, that we have limits, as fans.

If the Campeonato Paulista was the laboratory, the Brazilian cannot be It’s life or death.

We hope to equip ourselves, we believe in cleaning the old pan, it was good. But insufficient, you have made the inefficiency of the Barra Funda TC, with its eternal problems.

Therefore, we prioritize:

We have 1 month to change DM, physical preparation and Reffis. On one speaks no equipment, on recovery of the license. I’m coming.

We have 1 month for punctual reinforcements, in the face of so many blessings. The current CT is bad for the team itself and it has already crossed all limits. With this, it is always necessary to reset. This shame is unreal.

Finally, we have 1 month to define the situation of Rogério Ceni. It’s not Torcida Independente who will fire the coach. We are already living in this vicious circle. But we ask for a position on the council, right away, if the technician stays or leaves. If he remains, these actions must take place.

If it comes out, we want a technician with foreign certification. Enough with the mediocre ones. And whoever comes, must find a new CT and have autonomy in the technical commission.

The countdown has already started.