Eintracht Frankfurt: Man United should prepare an offer for Kolo Muani

Quote from Shunsuke Nakamura

If it’s 120 million net, ok. But otherwise?
With such a long contract and after he’s been there for less than a year, I wouldn’t give up on him. Especially when you lose important players. A possible new CL qualification and a group stage would also bring a lot of money to Frankfurt, you would not only get money once, you would also get completely different marketing opportunities with more sporting success.

If Shaktar got more than 100 million, I would say « From 200 million ».
They really pay, ok. But otherwise, you are just showing that you do NOT want to sell.

And I hope the player won’t complain about it either, because he deliberately signed until 2027 (!). Even if he leaves in 2025 or 2026, he would only be in Frankfurt for 3-4 years, it’s not that long either.

How exactly do you predict the new quali cl? You will definitely miss it this year with muani.

What is the benefit of holding more muani and not having money to replace other key players?

How much more should muani increase in value than if someone actually bids between 100 and 120 million? Then it’s a year older and the hype may be less.

And give me a single example where it made more sense for a club to keep their player instead of raking in such a crazy sum?

Someone called Leon Bailey earlier. Very good example. I read earlier that icardi and dele alli once had a market value of 100 million.

Do you think muani will have an even better season if he is denied such a move?
A change in which the club is offered such a fair sum. No matter how long he signed, how should Eintracht explain to him that they won’t give up on him for this?
How can he not have motivation problems at the start of the season?