What do you say about Ligue 1? “It’s sores! », replies Jean-Pierre Caillot – Ligue 1 – Reims

L1 is banned in 11th gradee district of Paris according to him.

Invited this Thursday on RMC in the show Rothen s’igne, Jean-Pierre Caillot, the president of Stade de Reims, spoke about the allocation of TV rights for Ligue 1, for the period 2024/2029. If he said to himself “serene and confident”the soul that “For the first time, the name of interested broadcasters is much larger, with six potential players interested in the Ligue 1 product”.

The boss can have equal skill with a sliding tackle to those who criticize the game practiced in our beloved French championship. This is an idea that becomes clearer in the profile of these detractors. “That’s some sores!” Obviously you can always criticize a Ligue 1 or Stade de Reims match. If you see certain matches in England or certain matches in Spain, it is the same that you have chosen, after stopping (…) the purges will be in all parts of the world”he explains.

As many purges in Luxembourg as in Spain.

Stade de Reims is still making progress against the FFF