the Girondins hang Saint-Etienne (1-1) and show progress

not fit

After having so far mixed his compositions between the more experienced players and the « rookies » at this level, David Guion presented this time at kick-off what could be a typical team today. The first five minutes were very difficult, with in particular a header from Stéphanois Palencia on the post in the 45th second. But the teammates were able to get their heads out of the water with a dense block, not hesitating to get out in a hurry and go quickly forward to recover.

Winner so far this month of July, Logan Delaurier-Chautt, very available and sharp elsewhere, opened the score with a magnificent volley at the fall of a badly cleared corner (1-0, 15th). Bakwa, on an individual percussion (19th), then preceded by Silva on a cross from an N’Simba more in legs than last Saturday in Orleans (24th), a nearly double the bet. In the debit in revenge, some avoidable bullet losses (Lacoux, Delaurier-Chaubet, Barbet). On one of them, Aouchiche, spinning alone against Poussin, did not fit (16th).

decisive chick

Seel entering at the break instead of a discreet Mara at the forefront, Maja was interesting with his deviations, a shot from the left (53rd). Saint-Etienne, with 8 changes at half-time, responded by Mason on a good service from Rivera (54th).

Under the impetus of the young entrant and Bouanga, encouraged by a public in his favor, Saint-Etienne pushed in the last 25 minutes. Poussin was determined about carrying in front of Othman (68th) and the Gabonese international. Nadé (70th) and Bouanga (78th) did not fit. While David Guion had brought in the young people, the Girondins finally gave in on a mess and a hand in the area. Bouanga transformed the penalty (1-1, 87th). Too bad: Pirringuel, who had already led a few counterattacks, came up against Green (89th).

The Girondins will play their last preparation match on Saturday (7 p.m.) behind closed doors at Matmut Atlantique, against Real Union Irun (Spanish D3).

The Bordeaux team: Poussin – Bokélé (Louis-Jean 86th), Gregersen, Barbet, N’Simba – Lacoux (Onana 59th), Ignatenko – Delaurier-Chhautet (Depussay 75th), Fransergio (Sissokho 70th), Bakwa (Pirringuel 70th) – Mara (Maja 46th) ).

The Saint-Etienne team: In the first half, Green – Bakayoko, Moukoudi, Silva (cap) – Palencia, Camara, Neyou, Youssouf, Aiki – Aouchiche – Krasso.