Soccer. The point in Regional 2: Ifs and Bourguébus in danger, Hérouville can always dream

Soccer The point in Regional 2 Ifs and Bourguebus in


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Hérouville will have a hard time beating La Ferté Macé on the post...
Hérouville will have a hard time beating La Ferté Macé on the post… ©Aline Chatel

Three episodes of our roundup of the end of the season in the various regional championships. Before concluding with the Regional 3 and after sifting through the National 3 and the Regional 1, place to the battles of the Regional 2.

group A

The title of champion was named last weekend at ES Coutances, which will therefore be rated at the highest regional level next season. At the same time, Ifs, the only representative of Caen la Mer must definitely ensure its maintenance. Unfortunately for the Greens, they fell at home against Cherbourg B and here they are dropped in a four-way battle which they would have broke. Remember that in Regional 2, the last 3 as well as the worst 9th of the four groups are downgraded to R3.

If the championship stopped now, the Ifois saved their skin in receipt, for the benefit of the particular goal average, the 9th and 10th places in Cherbourg B and Agneaux, which would go down to R3 with Valognes and Ouest Cotentin already relegated.

But there are two days left… two days of all dangers. Against Cherbourg B reduced to 10 from half an hour into the game, the Ifois did not really convince and owe revenge to those around them. Chance of the calendar, they have the opportunity to redeem themselves and at the same time save their season against Carentan, which they receive on Sunday. Then there will be a trip to Ouest Cotentin, but this final program is well within the reach of Kévin Leroux’s players provided they leave their doubts in the locker room.

Ranking and program

7th – Saint Pair: 23 points (-10)

8th- If: 21 points (-6)

9th – Cherbourg B: 21 points (-10)

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10th – Lambs: 21 points (-6)

Tuesday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m.


-Saint Pair-Cherbourg


Tuesday, June 4 at 3:00 p.m.

-West Cotentin—Ifs


-Ducey—Saint Pair

-Avranches C – Cherbourg B

Group B

Like last year, will SC Hérouville fail in its fight to wait for R1 after spending a large part of the season in the leader’s chair? A year ago, it was Villers-Houlgate who slipped into first place, taking advantage of the trap into which Morgan Ranguet’s troops fell in Flers during the final encounter.

This season, it was the Jeunesse Fertoise who took advantage of the misstep of the Hérouvillais in Dives-Cabourg, but it must be recognized that the players of La Ferté Macé deserve as much, if not more than the SCH, to go and smell the air you level up. The Ornais, who will have the advantage of receiving twice and moreover two opponents who have nothing left to play for, will present the keys to conclude their magnificent course in apotheosis. The Hérouvillais then have the hope of being in the two best runners-up. Surely, the calculators will be out on the evening of June 4th. Hello suspense!

At the bottom of the table, Mondeville B has already taken its return ticket for R3 and the fate of Les Aiglons hangs by a thread. There are therefore three formations left, Bourguébus-Soliers, the worst off, Mézidon and Bretteville-sur-Odon in the fight to avoid 10th place and possibly 9th. On Sundays, the Bourguébus Soliers – Mézidon will be worth its weight in peanuts.

Ranking and program

1st – Youth Fertoise; 45points (+25)

2nd – Hérouville: 43 points (+23)


8th – Bretteville/ Odon; 20 points (-13)

9th – Mézidon: 19 points (-15)

10th – Bourguébus Soliers: 17 points (-13)

11th – Pays Aiglon: 14 points (-19)

Tuesday, May 21 at 3:00 p.m.

-Youth Fertoise-Mondeville B


– Bourguebus Soliers – Mézidon

-PTT Caen B – Bretteville/Odon

-Lisieux-Pays Aiglon

Tuesday, June 4 at 3:00 p.m.

-Youth Fertoise-Cliff


– Bretteville/Odon Lisieux

-Pays Aiglon -Bourguebus Soliers

-Mondeville B – Mézidon

Bernard Guyonnet

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