Soccer. Erstein before staying in the game

Regional 2


James Acroum’s flag team represents the championship and hosts SC Schiltigheim II.

The seniors II represent the competition with and significant displacement at RHW 96. Faced with the first reliable, it would be good to win to take a little distance.

Seniors III will host Nordhouse III (Sun. 10 a.m.) with the objective of winning to keep their place as leader.

boys,sat. 10am : U8 friendly plateau, U10 cup (2) in Heiligenstein, U11 (2) in Erstein, U15 (2) – Schoenau (in Krafft); 10:30 a.m. : Matzenheim – U10 (1); 11 a.m. : Haguenau-U14 R1; 1:30 p.m. : Molsheim/Erno – U12 (1), U13 (2) – Dinsheim; 2 p.m. : plateau cut U11 (1) in Barr, Fegersheim – U12 (2), Sélestat – U13 (1); 3 p.m. : U13F – Zellwiller, U15 (3) – Kogenheim (in Krafft); 4:15 p.m. : U16 R3 – Burnhaupt; 6 p.m. : Schiltigheim-U16 R1; 6:15 p.m. : U18 R3 – Burnhaupt. Sun. 2 p.m. : U15 R2 – Geispolsheim.

Plobsheim – super veterans (Mon. 8 p.m.).

Regional 3


After having ideally started the return cycle with a victory in Niederhergheim, the Rossfeldois make a perilous trip to Sélestat. The Violets also resumed with a victory in Sundhoffen and found themselves at the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) of the podium. They will want to continue their reassembled to the top three. But the Rossfeldois will surely not hear it that way and will want before their revenge of the first cycle, when the Selestadiens had imposed themselves against the band in Kseniak – Savio – Windenberger then in reconstruction.

Since then, the Blues have gained confidence and hope to continue to surf on the excellent current momentum. The coaches had to renew the victorious group of the weekend which hopes to keep its opponent of the day at a distance.

boys, SATURDAY : cut U11 in Hilsenheim, Sélestat and Matzenheim; Ribeauville – U18.

district 1


Another Haut-Rhin trip and a new shock for the pennant in Kaysersberg. The context is revealing: KB is leader (23 pts), Sermersheim is 3e (19 pts, one game late). The premises of Aimetti will want to impose their law at home, on a ground that is announced to be difficult to play. Under the impetus of their striker Ribolzi, they will be difficult to handle because their collective is well oiled.

But the visitors know that they have a sacred opportunity here to get closer to the leader. This will be the heart of coach Damien Schnell’s talk, who will want to galvanize his troops to take up the challenge and create Saturday night fever. The group will more or less return to its strongest formation.

Avoiding the few errors of concentration, this will be the challenge of the defense match around the Zuber goal. And finding the net: this will be the challenge for Biechel and Sengler, among others.

La Deux will go to Kertzfeld and, after Sunday’s misstep, Hallot’s team will try to get back on track. Not easy against a local team that had a positive success in its year! A life-size test for President Willmann’s teammates.

Super veterans will welcome Ottrott to Rhinau (Mon. 8 p.m.) and hope to start the year 2023 successfully.


The team pennant represents the championship with and the trip to CS Neuhof. Coach Lung’s men prepared well for this meeting during the various training sessions of the week. The objective of Lucien Chevrier’s teammates is to keep their undefeated status for as long as possible. For this they will count on the support of their supporters.

The resumption of the championship after the winter break has sounded for the reserve team. Real 5he , coach Batista’s players need points to join the front runners. They welcome the Portuguese from Elsau III, who point to the 8e place. Loïc Issenhuth’s teammates will want to discover the 3 points.

Team III will travel to its neighbor Erstein III for a derby that always keeps its promises. The men of coaches D’Aniello and Meyer invested themselves throughout the week to face the leader. Still looking for a second victory, the Blues will be there to leave with as many points as possible from this « classico ». (Sun. 10 a.m.).

Youth : U18 – Lingolsheim (Sat. 3 p.m.).

district 2


Reception of Innenheim for coach Koziak’s proteges. Defeated by a short header 15 days ago in a late match, the pennant approaches this return cycle on tiptoe against one of the leaders of the group. We remember that the season had started with a heavy defeat against this opponent. A burst of pride is hoped for not being totally unhooked in the ranking.

Two moves (Sat. 7 p.m.) to the Montagne Verte to face Strasbourg United II.

Three welcomes from chef Huttenheim II (Sun. 10 a.m.). The task looks complicated against an opponent in full confidence.

The Four he lost to Meistratzheim for a friendly match (Sun. 10 a.m.).

Youth : Ribeauville – U18 1st (Sat. 3 p.m.).

district 6


Few matches to eat this weekend on the FCR side. Team I’s match is draw. The veterans of Rossfeld have for their part withdrawn for lack of players.

You suddenly, only the reserved teams represent the official matches on Sunday morning.

Team II moves to Krautergersheim. Be careful not to lose points stupidly with a poorly ranked player.

Team III (D7) receives Hessenheim dead last in the group.

The super-veterans cartel played in Rhinau on Monday night against Ottrott.