Soccer. AG Caen wins against Dieppe and stays the course

Soccer AG Caen wins against Dieppe and stays the course


Sabri Toufiqui played his first match with AG Caen in National 3 against Quevilly.
Sabri Toufiqui was again decisive with the AGC, his second but in two games. ©Oscar Bellec Archives

This Saturday, January 21, the Caennais of the Avant-Garde moved to the relegated Dieppe. In what could have been a trap match, Olivier Meurillon’s players put in a serious performance against a team fighting for its survival, allowing them to stay ahead of this National 3 championship. Virois regained victory against the reserve of US Avranches. (0-6) The two teams therefore remain tied on points, even if Arthur Dallois’ teammates are still one game behind. Their clash in two weeks could already have a flavor of final…

A cannon ename

The freezing cold did not prevent the meeting from starting with a bang. With Malcom Perian as the detonator, the visitors multiplied the situations during the first quarter of an hour, in particular by Younès Khedir who saw his shot flirt with the post (13′). But like last weekend, it was the very good Sabri Toufiqui who found the fault, after good work by Perian on his left side, with a flat (Site notre bureau spécialisé) at the penalty spot (0-1 15′) .

The left-hander’s 4th goal of the season rewarded his partners’ good start and put them on the right track for the rest of the game. However, this but which also has the merit of putting the locals back in place, who regain control of the match. The Dieppois did not fail to worry the Caen defense on several occasions, notably on a free kick (27′), but Joël Lembo took care and put on the costume of a fireman on duty, extinguishing the fire at each opposing attempt.

A real battle

However, the debates pray a completely different turning point, when, in the space of two short minutes, Kévin Goba was forced to leave his partners at 10. A yellow card, which may seem severe, for a fault (40′) then a another in stride for dispute (42 ‘). The partners of Zurab Sopromadze, still as valuable in the middle by his activity, would therefore have to evaluate for more than a half-time in numerical inferiority.

Returning from the locker room, another major blow for Olivier Meurillon when Morgan Hardoin in turn abandoned his teammates, this time through injury. (51′)

Fortunately, the Blue and Whites were able to count on a Wilfried Bedfian, author of a magnificent flight on the hour mark, vigilant against the opposing incursions which intensified. Notwithstanding, the Caennais, with exemplary solidarity, hunkered down until the final whistle in order to pocket the 3 points at the end of this big battle.

An oh so important victory for the troop of Olivier Meurillon in the race for the title which will nevertheless have to do without Kevin Goba and probably Morgan Hardoin for his next match.

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(By our correspondent Oscar BELLEC)

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