Soccer. 2022 World Cup: « If Hugo Lloris wins his second star, he will be the first », proclaims Joël Bats

143 selections! That you inspire the longevity of Hugo Lloris, one of your successors in blue and whom you trained in Lyon?

It’s a bit the specialty of goalkeepers, but we are more favored, privileged than champion players to last. But we are also more exposed. To achieve unanimity, it is not easy. And I believe that Hugo was never mentioned, the goalkeeper and the captain are unanimous. I’m not surprised.

Why ?

He is so persistent! He did everything to get what he wanted. He was able to question himself, in a (Site notre bureau spécialisé) that is advancing very quickly and in which the goalkeepers are more and more exposed.

His longevity is also explained by his low number of major injuries…

He has an invisible drive which is very important, he knows what he wants. He was caught failing once, at a birthday party with his friend Giroud. In Lyon, I’m also used to fair play and nice meals with my goalkeepers at the end of the season. Hugo is an epicurean who knows how to separate things: when he can have fun and when he has to work. In training, it’s the same.

In 143 selections, how many times have you seen him be at fault?

There is the World Cup, on (Site notre bureau spécialisé) (in the 2018 final), but that is of no consequence. Me, against Germany in 86, I am at fault on Brehme’s free kick which passes through the wall…

Among his misses, Lloris had a spear with consequences against Sweden in 2017…

How many times have I seen things like that! But Hugo said ‘I can do this’, ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I can go out or I can’t go out’, I can do this pass or not ». head.

He became the record holder for selections in the France team. Can we consider that he is the best French goalkeeper of all time?

If he earns his second star, yes, he will be the first. Otherwise, they could continue to shake hands with Fabien (Barthez), whom I also really appreciate.

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