Sheffield: fans are parents after 15 minutes! -Soccer

10:31 p.m.Sheffield: fans are parents after 15 minutes! 10:15 p.m.Leipzig: Openda warns Real 9:57 p.m.EdF: Lees Melou, Rothen calms Roy 9:18 p.m.PSG: L. Fernandez, boss of Real Sociedad 8:55 p.m.Bordeaux: reassuring exams for Elis 8:23 p.m.PSG: Nuno Mendes ready for start 8:03 p.m.Clermont: Bichard “assistant head coach” 7:50 p.m.OM: closed turn, children invited? 7:37 p.m.Society: Dembélé, Kubo’s wish 7:15 p.m.EdF: Barcola believes in its chances 6:57 p.m.Rennes: Stphan doesn’t want Mandanda 6:21 p.m.VIDEO: Mbappé quickly the controversy… 6 p.m.PSG: Enrique and Mbappé, same management in C1? 5:41 p.m.Bayern: Tuchel doesn’t even have Kane 5:23 p.m.Real: Mbappé, Gullit and Ancelotti 5:05 p.m.Barça: Laporta, Piqu asks for honesty 4:49 p.m.Bavaria: expenses, Eberl already warns 4:32 p.m.Brest: Magnetti to be extended (official) 4:20 p.m.Algeria: Y. Adli, Petkovic’s representative 4:01 p.m.Juve: Allegri puts the title into perspective 3:43 p.m.Reims: Caillot charges the referee and Ltang! 3:22 p.m.Man City: Keane is a total Foden fan 15:00Italy: Berardi withdraws from the Euro 2:41 p.m.Chelsea: Pochettino responds to fans 2:23 p.m.Bavaria: the track slot for April-Tuchel 2:02 p.m.Villarreal: OM, Marcelino calms things down 1:44 p.m.Barça: Pedri and De Jong, the verdict falls 1:28 p.m.Morocco: Diaz in pre-convocation 1:11 p.m.Lyon: Riolo pays Matic and the Gones! 12:55 p.m.Braga: Athletic Bilbao offers Djalo (off.) 12:43 p.m.Brest: Lees-Melou, Roy campaigns for the Blues 12:25 p.m.Milan: Leo and his son discuss his future 12:07 p.m.VIDEOS: Payet has fun with Vasco! 11:52 a.m.Valencia: Diakhaby keeps his spirits up 11:36 a.m.Leverkusen: the title, Alonso still dodges 11:18 a.m.Bara: Xavi’s standard color! 11:01 a.m.Sporting: PSG on the Gykeres sensation 10:46 a.m.Villarreal: the dress touches a virus? 10:30 a.m.Lens: Haise enjoys for Wahi and reassures 10:13 a.m.PSG: Asensio absent for Sociedad 09:59Man City: Foden, the compliment to Guardiola 09:40PSG: Bara still dreams of Enrique, but… 09:23Lyon: Lacazette, Sage’s explanations 09:01PSG: Mbappé, Al-Khelafi considers himself betrayed! 08:42Barça: Xavi of the magnifying opportunity 08:24Objective: This can be compared to the top 5 00:15Por. : Porto humiliates Benfica, 5-0! 03/03L1: the scoring class 03/03Objective: Samba delighted to have beaten the predictions 03/03Lyon: Say put the correction into perspective 03/03Lens: Blood and Gold ripens for Haise 03/03Lyon: Caqueret is still visible 03/03Esp. : the Bara Brake Bilbao 03/03Lyon: the regrets of Caleta-Car 03/03Objective: Danso not entirely satisfied 03/03It is. : Naples masters Juve 03/03L1: the classification finished 03/03L1: Lyon 0-3 Lens (finished) 03/03Lyon: Lacazette’s truths about Grosso 03/03EdF: Adli targets France rather than Algeria 03/03PSG: Mbappé, the cold banner of the ultras 03/03Esp. : Grone right Majorca 03/03L1: Lyon-Lens, the lines 03/03It is. : Bologna continues against Atalanta! 03/03Nantes: the dismay of Gourvennec… 03/03Lorient: the joy of Kroupi 03/03Rennes: Seidu cops to Lorient 03/03L1: Rennes 1-2 Lorient (finished) 03/03Ang. : Man City overthrows Man Utd! 03/03Esp. : Atletico returns to victory 03/03Brest: Roy retains victory 03/03Nice: Farioli refuses to talk about crisis 03/03All. : Leverkusen widens the gap in the lead 03/03L1: Montpellier 2-2 Strasbourg (finished) 03/03L1: Nantes 0-2 Metz (finished) 03/03L1: Brest 1-0 Le Havre (finished) 03/03VIDEO: Rashford’s jewelry in the derby! 03/03PSG: Marquinhos has returned to training 03/03OM: 8 cobbled supporter cars 03/03L1: Rennes-Lorient, the lines 03/03Esp. : before OM, ​​Villarreal sticks a manita 03/03PHOTO: the magnificent tifo for Roy Brest 03/03L1: Toulouse 2-1 Nice (finished) 03/03Lyon: Benrahma looks back on his aborted transfer 03/03L1: Nantes-Metz, the lines 03/03L1: Brest-Le Havre, the lines 03/03L1: Montpellier-Strasbourg, the lines 03/03OM: Henrique Chambr by an amateur goalkeeper 03/03Betis: Fekir verse and game at end of season 03/03Valencia: Diakhaby, a first verdict falls 03/03OM: A. Harit – “Marcelino, it’s going to be hot” 03/03L1: Toulouse-Nice, the lines 03/03PSG: Mavuba preaches Mbappé 03/03OM: Gasset, a first in 1962 03/03Lyon: Lacazette finally absent in front of the goal 03/03Braga: Bilbao with Alvaro Djalo 03/03Valencia: Tchouamni breaks Diakhaby’s leg 03/03Inter Miami: double for Messi and Suarez 03/03Los Angeles: Lloris sinks under the snow 03/03PSG: Mbappé annoyed by the leak of his decision 03/03OM: Gasset wants to avoid overconfidence 03/03OM: Gueye thanks Gasset 03/03OM: Gasset impressions by Clauss 03/03Real: Bellingham, Ancelotti rises to the top 02/03VIDEO: the incredible but refuses Bellingham! 02/03Clermont: the constant lucidity of Gastien 02/03OM: Aubameyang savors his dynamism 02/03OM: J.-L. Gasset – “In retaliation the ba-ba” 02/03Clermont: Boutobba remains hopeful 02/03Esp. : Real Cale Valencia in the controversy 02/03OM: Ndiaye appreciates the series 02/03L1: Clermont 1-5 Marseille (finished) 02/03Barça: 1,000 matches, Iniesta bluffs Xavi 02/03Reims: Still railing against arbitration 02/03L2: provisional classification 02/03L2: the results of the evening 02/03VIDEO: Wissa’s nice scissors against Chelsea! 02/03Ang.: Digne offers victory to Aston Villa 02/03PHOTOS: Elis, a tribute to its partners 02/03L1: Clermont-Marseille, the lines