Reinforcements in winter: Will Gladbach strike on the transfer market?

The last two days take place in the Bundesliga, then the winter holidays begin. So it’s time to catch your breath. But also the time to get active on the transfer market.

Something could also happen in Gladbach in winter. At least Gerardo Seoane doesn’t rule it out. “The idea is to work on it with the existing team and talk to the players about it, show them solutions and improve the problem through training. If we fail to do this, then we will have to discuss these problems internally and how we can bring them under control through personnel changes,” the Gladbach coach told ‘Bild’.

Sports director Roland Virkus is also quoted by ‘Bild’: “It is clear that we always keep our eyes open. Players are constantly being offered. We are definitely ready for anything.

The colts will face Werder Bremen for the first time this evening in the Bundesliga. The away match against Eintracht Frankfurt awaits on Wednesday.