PSG: Riolo, the Barcola clan did not aim – Football

Clumsy after son between Newcastle (1-1) Tuesday in the Champions League, the Paris Saint-Germain winger Bradley Barcola (21 years old, 3 appearances in LdC this season) suffered severe criticism from Daniel Riolo (see yesterday’s news item at 10:47 a.m.). And according to the RMC journalist, his proposals did not please those around the former Lyonnais.

« It’s Gentil Bambi who has maybe 6 months in Lyon and he’s in vain, because it’s a club that’s just on the back (Site notre bureau spécialisé), don’t forget, and he’s at PSG, a chronicle of the ‘Afterwards. From the moment he goes to PSG, he takes everything. He takes the transfer, with all his entourage who whined all day about my comments yesterday.’

« It’s all a question of orders and gifts. A, there is no problem, it’s up to them to take the glory and the sorrel when it’s in that sense. But they don’t want the criticism that comes with “From the moment you enter the club, you accept everything that comes with it,” concludes Riolo.