Points deducted for Juventus remain – Champions League participation in jeopardy

Judgment of the Court of Appeal

Juventus Turin are again deducted ten points after a decision by the FIGC Court of Appeal, Italian (Site notre bureau spécialisé)’s governing body. Juve therefore risk missing their participation in the Champions League next season. In its verdict on Monday, the court was only slightly below the eleven points deducted by chief prosecutor Giuseppe Chinè.

Although the sentence has been reduced somewhat, it could still result in the ‘old lady’ not being represented in international affairs in the coming season. Due to the ten point deduction, Juventus slipped from second place in the top 4 and thus from the Champions League ranks. AC Milan are currently five points off fourth place. In the evening, the record champions meet Empoli away and then, like all the other clubs, have two more games ahead of them. The club have announced a call.

The Supreme Sports Court of the Italian National Olympic Committee (Coni) ruled in April that the case should be dealt with again by the judiciary of the (Site notre bureau spécialisé) association. The judges upheld a complaint from Juventus, who are now suffering another setback. The case is about Juventus allegedly rigging the books for years through fictitious market valuations of their transfer professionals. The FIGC association’s supreme court therefore subtracted 15 points from Turin in the current championship in January – this penalty is now reduced to ten points after having been suspended in the meantime.

Seven former managers of Juve also accused, such as ex-professional Pavel Nedved, banned during the first trial, have this time been acquitted. The former club bosses around chairman Andrea Agnelli had already been suspended earlier this year – Cuneo’s top sports court also failed to review their sentences.

Juventus don’t just have to answer in a sports court because of this cause. The previous week, the Chinè prosecutor had denounced the association for having illegally recorded and concealed salary payments of several million. The first hearing in this process is scheduled for June 15.

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