Ouwejan on Schalke’s future: ‘Other clubs have asked’

Difficult staff.

First of all, I am incredibly grateful to him for this year’s promotion. Currently, voices are getting louder to say that the coach wants to work again with a chain of 3 or 5.

This is where Ouwejan’s strength clearly lies. His cross play is top class. His dynamism on crossing races is also good. His finishing and pushing into attacking spaces also suits the Bundesliga.

But his dueling behavior, approach and positional play against the ball are not suited to a 4-man chain (assuming a lower Bundesliga level).

But I see the problems with a contract extension on two other points:

1. Deep down, he certainly doesn’t want his financial situation to deteriorate. He signed a contract at Schalke which certainly made him one of the three highest paid outfield players. It is clearly no longer so from the next point…

2. Its availability. He must be in good shape to be able to exploit his strengths and hide his weaknesses to some extent. It seems like he hasn’t been there for two years.

With Murkin, you already have the right replacement. Probably also Odonkor, who will be hungry to play for a “big” club.

It hurts, but for monetary reasons (we urgently need coal in other areas) and with the prospect of possible permanent positions, we should let him go.

Good luck!