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09/05OM: the overwhelming stat outside 09/05Atalanta: Tour praises Gasperini 09/05OM: Gasset doesn’t understand the pass… 09/05VIDEO: Aubameyang’s tears 09/05OM: Balerdi sad for the supporters 09/05C3: Leverkusen in the final in pain! 09/05C4: Olympiakos finalist! 09/05C3: Atalanta 3-0 Marseille (OM limin) 09/05Milan: Giroud Leipzig’s replacement? 09/05Real: Dortmund, Bellingham are impatient 09/05Man Utd: Dumfries before your eyes 09/05Real: tribute to Thiago Motta Ancelotti 09/05Dortmund: a favorite match for Reus 09/05Bayern: Kane and Hargreaves sting Tuchel 09/05C3: Atalanta-Marseille, the lines 09/05MF survey: OM will fall through the cracks 09/05Barça: Guido Rodriguez will sign 09/05OM: the final would be an achievement for Rothen 09/05Olympics: Guinea in the France group 09/05Dortmund: a jackpot… in the case of Real’s coronation 09/05LdC: Joselu as Wijnaldum and Rodrygo 09/05Chelsea: Boehly ignites for Palmer 09/05Dortmund: Real, the message from Alcorcón 09/05Brest: UNFP Trophy, Lees-Melou is not dreaming 09/05PSG: the return of the Gykeres slope 09/05Real: injuries, Ancelotti’s recall 09/05Nice: Thuram ready to continue Euro and Olympics 09/05OM: Moumbagna follows Aubameyang’s example 09/05Chelsea: Boehly sent a change 09/05Real: the Ballon d’Or, Ancelotti votes for Vinicius 09/05Bavaria: Davies responds for its future 09/05Arsenal: Jorginho extends (official) 09/05Dortmund: Terzic praised by Xabi Alonso 09/05EdF: Mbappé at the Olympics, Macron puts pressure 09/05Real: Tchouamni uncertain for the final! 09/05PSG: Sanches’ wish 09/05Brest: end of season for Lées-Melou 09/05Portugal: Mourinho admits a mistake… 09/05Barça: Cubarsi has extended (official) 09/05Lille: OM accelerates for Fonseca! 09/05Troyes: the 4 children are together 09/05Bavaria: a first year in 12 years 09/05PSG: doubts on the part of Simons? 09/05Real: Joselu, the beautiful story 09/05Reims: the village of Beye 09/05Real: Bellingham, Wenger and Zidane 09/05OM: a surprise from City in the final 09/05PSG: Lizarazu regretted a style that was too academic 09/05Bayern: Tuchel justifies Kane 09/05Newcastle: Guimaraes, track card at PSG 09/05Bavaria: Nouvel accuses the coup d’état… 09/05Real: luck? Henry’s focus 09/05OM: Atalanta, Thauvin comes 09/05Real: Vinicius and Ancelotti still impressions 09/05PSG: tribute to Mbappé, the club attends 09/05Real: Ancelotti is also a political actor 09/05Bayern: Tuchel announcement and disaster! 09/05Real: Joselu’s children swim in the middle of a dream 09/05Real: Ancelotti will not be present 09/05LdC: the scoring class 09/05Bayern: Neuer and Tuchel point out their responsibility 08/05Real: Vinicius relishes his story 08/05Bavaria: Mr. De Ligt – “a little shameful” 08/05Bayern: Müller announces pro-Real arbitration! 08/05Real: Mendy has no chance 08/05Bayern: this Wizard of Ancelotti! 08/05Real: a final 18 for the Merengue 08/05Dortmund: homecoming for Bellingham 08/05LdC: Real 2-1 Bayern (Real qualification) 08/05PSG: Rothen’s regrets 08/05C4: Fiorentina still qualified for the final! 08/05Brest: Lees-Melou talks about his future 08/05PSG: five recruits expected this summer 08/05LdC: Real Bayern, the lines 08/05LdC: Real-Bayern, the best teams of the match 08/05TFC: Monaco positions itself for Mawissa 08/05PSG: Luis Enrique stays longer? 08/05Dortmund: a talented team? Hummel’s irony 08/05PSG: Lizarazu saw a lack of respect 08/05Atalanta: Kolasinac and the Aubameyang threat 08/05Red Star: it’s over for Beye (official) 08/05Real: a compatible Mbappé for Van Nistelrooy 08/05Red Star: Beye is going to leave 08/05Chelsea: Ziyech will stay Galatasaray 08/05Dortmund: Reus leaving for MLS 08/05PSG: Mbappé, Desailly’s strange advice 08/05Atalanta: a historic moment for Gasperini 08/05Bayern: the machine arrives for Tuchel 08/05Porto: Conceio moves closer to Milan 08/05PSG: Simons ready for Bara? 08/05PSG: Henry defends Mbappé 08/05Dortmund: Kobel hallucinates through defense 08/05Man Utd: Tuchel faces him 08/05PSG: Zare-Emery greets the supporters 08/05PSG-Dortmund: the referee’s tears 08/05PSG: Ciss regrets a not exciting Paris 08/05Dortmund: Can we silence our detractors 08/05OM: almost complete for Atalanta 08/05PSG: Riolo is the vitriol of Luis Enrique 08/05Troyes: 4 years 08/05Dortmund: the PSG troll on Twitter! 08/05PSG: Rothen blames the players 08/05PSG: the Madrid press cuts Mbappé 08/05Dortmund: Balerdi against Hummels 08/05PSG: Luis Enrique is his best friend 08/05VIDEO: Reus celebrates qualifying with his head 08/05Dortmund: Reus bombs the chest 08/05PSG: no bad luck for Mbappé 08/05PSG: Mbappé makes his self-criticism 08/05PSG: Riolo cuts genius Luis Enrique! 08/05PSG: Mbappé says the word 08/05PSG: L. Enrique – “very satisfied with the 2nd match” 08/05PSG: Mbapp-dependence does not forgive… 08/05PSG: Enrique takes responsibility 08/05PSG: Mbappé, like in 2018 08/05PSG: the networks cannot guess Mbappé! 07/05PSG: Hamraoui celebrates after elimination 07/05LdC: the terrible series of French clubs 07/05PSG: Enrique’s future, Al-Khelafi gets annoyed! 07/05Dortmund: Haller loves solidarity