OM-OL: The Caillas experienced from inside the Lyon coach


This Monday evening, OL published the camera images of the stoned car approaching the Vélodrome on Sunday in Marseille.

Cancellation of the match at 10 a.m.e Day of L1 between Marseille and Lyon was unfortunately inevitable. This evening, 24 hours after the achievements, OL published a video of the stone encountered by the Les Gones car before its arrival at the Vélodrome stadium.

We discover in these images the convoluted journey of the Lyon bus, certainly escorted by police vehicles but forced to follow an unusual journey of more than half an hour to reach the Boulevard Michelet enclosure due to work.

Dark and not necessarily pleasant, the images nevertheless allow us to see dozens of individuals massed on the side of the road, and the names slow down linked to the traffic which have made the Rhodanien bus an easy target for trouble drivers.

The configuration of the Vélodrome is complicatedadmits Bouches-du-Rhône police chief Frédérique Camilleri, quoted by L’Equipe. Few axes are available to just approach opposing cars. As we get closer to the stadium, there are only two real options left. The third is Boulevard Michelet, maybe it’s not a good idea. […] We could sterilize a large part of Marseillaise activity: Stopping public transport, closed bars, etc. But there is a reasonable balance to find. I find it difficult to see what more can be done. The stone attack arrives 15 km from the stadium. »

According to the first observations of the public prosecutor of Marseille Nicolas Bessone, the authorities have not failed. “ The device makes me think that there is no fault. When all the treatment is finished, I have a lot of responsibilities. The Prime Minister is responsible for the Lyon children’s bus, which is said to be stones, a smoke bomb… That’s the responsibility. In this stadium there is also an element that allows me to relax without a breakdown of the security system. »