No single football club in Les Sables-d’Olonne, for now or ever?

No single football club in Les Sables d39Olonne for now or


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The presentation of the vote, the summary of the situation, the intervention of Boris Cadu, president of the FCOC and the club, the endless questions answered and the vote.

Not far from three hours to finalize the extraordinary assembly of TVEC85 Les Sables last night in Havre d’Olonne!

Two choices

Validate the birth of a single club by restoring the league suggestion number, leaving players free to choose to play wherever they want together without transferring. This was choice #1.

The choice of number 2 is based on:

If the potential TVEC85 representative has done so, before the evening of May 5, declare a team of members proposing to vote on May 13 at the TVEC85 general assembly.

Ghislain Chaigne and Cédric Michaud, on behalf of the Codir, presented the evening and the vote “as democratic as possible”.

Boris Cadu was ready

Boris Cadu, the president of FCOC, has created a unique project for the club.

Basically, I opted for a single club at the end of the Youth Group in 2025. Suddenly, we can go faster for the young people. Because since the GJ, all the kids have been playing ball. The project is based on the EU, (Site notre bureau spécialisé) training, education, integration, socialization.

<(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>Boris Cadu (FCOC).(Site notre bureau spécialisé)er>

The announcement of the representative is not present in the room, the assembly passed after the vote after the endless questions and answers.

Videos: in the moment of action
Around a hundred people for the extraordinary general meeting on Monday.
Around a hundred people for the extraordinary general meeting on Monday. ©Journal des Sables

Is the source the priority?

On this very quick exit from the debate during the questions and answers, between the heavy sorrows towards the drivers, political and sporting management, on it also appears that the TVEC85 cables are not available for engagement with the FCOC cables.

We talked more about the names of the coaches, the name of the club, even the color of the jersey, more than the well-being and future of the young (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er!

A journey against the clock

Consequently, the 130 votes reject proposition no. 1. TVEC85 exists all the time, both under license and in other languages In the absence of a buyer, the single club could when it existed on May 13

If you are the representative, you will declare a team of members before May 5, when the nominator will vote on May 13 at the TVEC85 general assembly.

The project also received debt (€150,000) and attended validation by the city. The family is also adding the same summer for the future 2024-2025 season…

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