Neymar, « A Big Error » denounced

south korea

For former Brazilian international Walter Casagrande, it would be a « big mistake » to start Neymar against South Korea on Monday evening.

Hit in the right ankle when Brazil entered the 2022 World Cup, Neymar a retrospective of the way to training on the sidelines of the Seleçao round of 16 against South Korea, program this Monday (8 p.m.).

Clearly recovered from his injury, the Paris Saint-Germain striker is announced as a starter to face the South Koreans. Enough to make Brazil cringe… For the former Carioca international, Walter Casagrande, now a consultant for UOL EsportsTite would take a huge risk by aligning the former Barcelona player from the start.

“Neymar will not be 100% passed”

“Brazil are the super favourites. I believe Brazil can pass if Neymar stays on the bench, dropped the ex-Corinthians player. It’s obvious that if the team is tied or loses, put Neymar on to see if it resolves. But it would be a big mistake to play him. Neymar won’t be at 100% and it’s better for him to face a more worn opponent, around 15, 20 minutes, than chasing fit guys from the start. I arrive with exactly 20 minutes, normally the defense will wear out and he will have this superior physical condition to the defenses. »