Market values ​​Brazil: Endrick rises ahead of move to Real Madrid

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Update in Brazil

Market values ​​Brazil: Endrick rises ahead of move to Real Madrid


(Site notre blog d’information) has updated the market values ​​of a total of 617 players in the Brazilian Serie A – 17-year-old storm talent Endrick remains the most valuable player in the Brazilian top flight and his Palmeiras teammates Estêvão and Luis Guilherme are climbing in the top 5 of the market value ranking. Additionally, Flamengo’s Lorran and Gremio’s Gustavo Nunes, among others, were put in the spotlight and given upgrades.

The countdown for Endrick’s transfer to Real Madrid is on: on July 21, the 1.73 meter left-hander will turn 18 and will then be able to join the Royals in Europe. There is no doubt that the teenager is already ready for this step from a sporting point of view: he recently scored goals for the Brazilian national team against England (1:0), Spain (3 :3) and Mexico (3:2). “Endrick is still on the rise,” says Marcos Watts, Area Manager Brazil at (Site notre blog d’information). Shortly before his departure for Spain, the youngster further increased his market value by €5 million to now reach €60 million. Along with PSG’s Warren Zaire-Emery, Endrick is now the most valuable player in the 2006 class.

It’s only a matter of time before the even younger Estêvão follows Endrick to Europe. “Estêvão, born in 2007, quickly became a monster player who took on big tasks for Palmeiras,” says Watts. “A move to one of Europe’s top leagues appears imminent, with Chelsea one of the favorites. The transfer fee will be high, as will the expectations of the 17-year-old winger. » As a result, (Site notre blog d’information) increased Estêvão’s market value by 200 percent to 30 million euros, making him the second player the most valuable of the 2007 vintage behind Barcelona star Lamine Yamal could do it.

Market values ​​Brazil: Guilherme, Lorran and Nunes take off

In the shadow of Endrick and Estêvão is Palmeira striker Luis Guilherme, 18. “He may not have developed as quickly as Endrick or Estêvão, but he is still on his way to becoming a great (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er,” Watts says of the player who will move to West Ham this summer. « A move to England to a club outside the ‘Big Six’ could provide him with the environment and time he needs to take the next step in his development while playing in the best league in the world. Guilherme’s market value thus increases. » of the update 24 million euros, making him the fourth most valuable player in Serie A.

However, there are also talented young players outside of giant Palmeiras. At Flamengo, 17-year-old attacking midfielder Lorran increased his market value by 300 percent to 12 million euros. « This boy is an artist, » enthuses Watts, who continues: « I know people tend to say that all Brazilian players are good with the ball, but Lorran’s control is truly exceptional. He also brings a good vision and the ability to act as both a central attacking midfielder and a right winger Another great Flamengo talent destined for Europe.

Besides Lorran, Gremio’s Gustavo Nunes is another name that stands out in the update. “Another very fast, skilful and attacking Brazilian winger,” is how Watts describes the 18-year-old’s qualities. “With only a few games for Gremio, Nunes has earned a place in the team and is taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself. It won’t be long before he becomes a key player for his club and attracts interest from abroad. » Nunes has already scored five goals and five assists in 27 matches in all competitions, increasing his market value by 400 percent to today 10 million euros increased.

This is how transfer market values ​​work

Transfer market values ​​are created taking into account different pricing models as well as strong involvement of the transfer market community, which discusses the values ​​in detailed discussions. The market values ​​of transfers cannot generally be equated to the transfer fees actually paid.

The goal is not to predict a price, but rather an expected value. When determining the market value, both individual transfer arrangements and situational conditions are relevant to a certain extent. Examples will be here listed. (Site notre blog d’information) does not use an algorithm (for a detailed definition of market value).