Lyon: Lacazette will stay! -Soccer

8:52 p.m.Lyon: Lacazette will stay! 8:41 p.m.EdF: a little glitch for Hernandez 8:27 p.m.Croatia: Dalí still believes in it 8:19 p.m.Germany: the stat that sent good news 8:13 p.m.Albania: Sylvinho’s pride 7:57 p.m.EURO: Pod-Switzerland, the compositions 7:55 p.m.EURO: Group A class (Germany) 7:54 p.m.EURO: Germany 2-0 Hungary (finished) 7:32 p.m.Italy: Spain, capital of the match for Spalletti 7:03 p.m.Real: racism, Vinicius defended by N. Williams 6:36 p.m.Le Havre: Digard will replace Elsner 6:12 p.m.OM: Belloumi, the amount of the offer known 5:56 p.m.Palace: a dissuasive solution for Guehi 5:40 p.m.Lyon: an offer from PSG for Cherki! 5:32 p.m.EdF: alerts for Saliba and Upamecano 5:21 p.m.Albania: cold and fire for Gjasula 5:12 p.m.Lyon (f): the new official coach 5:06 p.m.Euro: big first for Letexier 5 p.m.EURO: Germany-Hungary, the lines 4:58 p.m.EURO: the class of group B (Spain) 4:57 p.m.EURO: Croatia 2-2 Albania (finished) 4:41 p.m.PSG: the first C1 match without the Auteuil stand 4:33 p.m.Lyon: Molenbeek will welcome a young person on loan 4:19 p.m.Juve: Rabiot packs in Motta, but… 4:01 p.m.Bologna: Manchester United returns for Zirkzee 3:36 p.m.Juve: the deal proposed for the Koopmeiners 3:23 p.m.Inter: Dumfries confirms its wish 3:07 p.m.L1: 3 clubs visit Ndombele 2:50 p.m.Le Havre: Elsner and boss of Reims 2:35 p.m.Las Palmas: Cillessen signs for two years (official) 2:21 p.m.Athletic: Gorosabel arrives free (official) 2 p.m.EURO: Croatia-Albania, the lines 1:47 p.m.EdF: holder, Saliba surprised 1:27 p.m.EdF: Mbappé “does better” for Saliba 1:05 p.m.OM: the son of a targeted Algerian legend 12:53 p.m.EdF: the arbitration side in the well-known Netherlands 12:36 p.m.Portugal: Fernandes delighted for Conceio 12:13 p.m.Portugal: compliments from Martinez 11:48 a.m.Leipzig: a plus for rose (official) 11:28 a.m.Valencia: Baraja until 2026 (official) 11:12 a.m.Brest: OM-Brassier agreement! 10:58 a.m.Bavaria: Unsinkable Kimmich on its future 10:41 a.m.Türkiye: Gler saluted by his Real acolytes 10:21 a.m.Roma: Belotti will join Cme 09:59Bara: Yamal is a rookie 09:39Netherlands: Reijnders expects to see Mbappé 08:55Georgia: the pride of Sagnol 08:42EdF: Mbappé, Antoine Dupont’s joke 08:21Portugal: a Russian match for Pepe 00:11Portugal: F. Conceio, like his meadow 00:02Euro: the ranking of scorers 06/18Portugal: Conceiao timetables on a cloud 06/18Euro: the most prolific start in history 06/18EdF: Rami wants to see Barcola and Giroud 06/18Portugal: Vitinha targeted the reaction 06/18Rep. Czech: Provod still enjoys 06/18Euro: the big 6 who win, a first 06/18Portugal: Conceio, what a first! 06/18EURO: the class of group F (Portugal) 06/18EURO: Portugal 2-1 Czech Republic (finished) 06/18EdF: Mbappé, Dugarry don’t worry 06/18Man Utd: Mainoo happy for Ten Hag 06/18Monaco: Milan advances its pawns for Fofana 06/18Austria: Wber blamed coup 06/18Türkiye: an early record for Gler 06/18EdF: Mbappé, Deschamps give news 06/18Lyon: Cherki, the thunderous offer from Les Gones 06/18Portugal: Pepe makes Euro history 06/18EdF: an alert for Camavinga 06/18EURO: Türkiye 3-1 Georgia (finished) 06/18EURO: Czech Portuguese rupees, the components 06/18EdF: Mbappé, the point of the FFF 06/18VIDEO: Gler’s jewel! 06/18EdF: it’s reassuring for Griezmann 06/18Man City: PSG for the attention of Alvarez 06/18VIDEO: the superb volume of Mldr! 06/18Austria: Mbappé and Haise defend Danso 06/18Clermont: J. Gastien extended (official) 06/18Barça: Man Utd around 30M for Fermin 06/18Euro: a bet to try with a CR7 goal? 06/18Nice: Farioli wants Rosario from Ajax 06/18Spain: Zubimendi not a fan of the start of the Euro 06/18PSG: Ethan Mbappé announces his departure 06/18Dortmund: Juve is thinking of Adeyemi 06/18EdF: Kant, Garcia sees a collective problem 06/18EURO: Türkiye-Gorgia, the lines 06/18C4: Hafa will play “home” in Poland 06/18EdF: Giroud touches and adductor 06/18Betis: confirmation for Perraud 06/18Brest: Lorenzi’s Mercato point 06/18EdF: the legislative elections, Diallo defends the Blues 06/18Euro: Thuram, 10th pre-son duo in history 06/18OM: Vitinha, it will be 20 M! 06/18EdF: Deschamps points out a lack of stopping 06/18EdF: an equal tournament record for Giroud 06/18Lyon: Benfica Eyeing Tagliafico 06/18Croatia: Vlasic package for the rest of the Euro 06/18EdF: Poland objective for Mbappé? 06/18EdF: Bardella responds to Mbappé 06/18Al Ittihad: Messi refused an offer of 1.4 billion euros 06/18EdF: Mbappé against a package against the Netherlands 06/18Austria: Pentz criticizes the style of the Blues 06/18Ang.: the 2024-2025 calendar is sorted 06/18EdF: a match against the Paderborn reserve 06/18EdF: Saliba appreciated the solidity 06/18EdF: Kant proud to have worn the armband 06/18Austria: Rangnick bows to the Blues 06/18TV audiences: a hit for the blues 06/18EdF: Rabiot reassures about its form 06/18EdF: Danso “dsol” for Mbappé 06/18EdF: Mbappé is ironic about the broken nose 06/18EdF: D. Deschamps – “Kant a rayon” 06/18EdF: the FFF press release on Mbappé 06/18EdF: reassuring news for Mbappé! 06/18EdF: Deschamps and aggression in Austria 06/18Austria: the Blues surprise Sabitzer 06/18EdF: operation for Mbappé? 06/17EdF: Kound saw a “monstrous” Kant 06/17EdF: new record, the lucky Blues 06/17EdF: Kant savors and returns