Luxembourg stock market values: Bohnert top winner after transfer – Philippe new at the top

Pride of Legionnaires second top scorer

(Site notre blog d’information) has updated the market values ​​for the Luxembourg BGL League and also made a change to the French Ligue 2. SC Bastia’s Florian Bohnert drops from €150,000 to €400,000, making him the biggest winner of the update.

Since January 1, the right-back, who played for the second team of Mainz 05 until 2021, is no longer under contract with FC Progrès Niederkorn in Luxembourg. Due to the update made earlier in Ligue 2, Bohnert’s market value was subsequently adjusted.

With his newfound value, Bohnert would have clearly led the list of most valuable professionals in the BGL League. Instead, Rayan Philippe (22) is a new face at the top. The left winger of FC Swift Hesperange, who is attacking the supremacy of F91 Dudelange this season and is only one point behind the leaders, doubles his value from 150,000 to 300,000 euros. The Frenchman has scored 36 goals in 16 games this season and is by far the league’s top scorer.

His teammate Dominik Stolz, one of 26 German legionnaires, came second. Despite eleven goals and eleven assists, the former Sandhausen professional remains unchanged in terms of market value at 225,000 euros due to his age of 32.

This is how (Site notre blog d’information) market values ​​work

(Site notre blog d’information) market values ​​are created taking into account various pricing models and strong involvement of the (Site notre blog d’information) community, which processes the values ​​in detailed discussions. The market values ​​of the transfer market are not to be assimilated to the transfer fees actually paid.

The goal is not to predict a price, but an expected value. When determining the market value, both the individual transfer terms and the situational framework conditions are relevant to a certain extent. Examples are given here. (Site notre blog d’information) does not use an algorithm (for a detailed definition of market value).

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