Lens: two priorities for the transfer window – Football

9:50 p.m.Lens: two priorities for the market 9:26 p.m.PSG: Kimpembe, details of the extension 9:01 p.m.Esp. : Grone cracks on the wire 8:57 p.m.ArS: Al Hilal’s new hit! 8:40 p.m.LdC (f): OL hung on but qualified 8:20 p.m.Super League: the FFF is part of UEFA 7:59 p.m.Lille: Fonseca’s layout 7:35 p.m.Milan: hard blow for Pobega 7:16 p.m.Wolverhampton: Hwang until 2028 (official) 6:58 p.m.Arsenal: Arteta greedy for the transfer window 6:37 p.m.Super League: Nasser Prez’s tackle 6:16 p.m.Algeria: a bus accident in 2 mornings 6 p.m.OM: Lopez’s optimism for the LoC 5:48 p.m.Rennes: Matic leaving this winter? 5:36 p.m.Super League: Longoria against the project 5:22 p.m.Toulouse: Comolli does not brood Martinez Novell 5:09 p.m.OM: Correa flat Estudiantes 5 p.m.Rennes: Maurice discusses the transfer window 4:51 p.m.Cologne: Baumgart, it’s over (official) 4:48 p.m.OM: Longoria sees a lot of Gattuso style 4:35 p.m.Lille: Juve has Djalo from January 4:22 p.m.OM: Veretout makes an initial assessment 4:07 p.m.Super League: La Liga has it bad… 3:51 p.m.OM: the C1, how much money did the club lose? 3:35 p.m.Bayern: Tuchel to Reinforcements in January 3:20 p.m.PSG: Al-Khelafi joins the Super League 3:09 p.m.PSG: Kimpembe touches confidence 2:54 p.m.UEFA: Ceferin steals the SL project! 2:40 p.m.OM: Longoria in consideration for Henrique 2:28 p.m.Nice: Galtier Soulag’s lawyer 2:12 p.m.Super League: several clubs are not saying! 1:57 p.m.OM: Longoria will insist on Gueye 1:41 p.m.Nice: Galtier relax! 1:31 p.m.Rennes: Rieder could already leave 1:16 p.m.Man Utd: Sancho, a radical plan B? 1:00 p.m.OM: departures, Longoria the coast 12:44 p.m.Super League: the new form is present 12:32 p.m.OM: the financial situation, Longoria speaks 12:20 p.m.OM: Longoria takes stock of the transfer window 12:06 p.m.Nice: Riolo takes back with humor by the club 11:51 a.m.OM: Longoria admits a mistake 11:39 a.m.PSG: Zare-Emery, Macron’s big words 11:24 a.m.Super League: Come and enjoy a great day! 11:10 a.m.Super League: UEFA action 11:05 a.m.Liverpool: Klopp gets the crowd moving at Anfield 10:49 a.m.PSG: Ethan, the best of Kylian Mbappé 10:33 a.m.Brest: Roy congratulates the talented Doumbia 10:15 a.m.Super League: a taste of verdict 09:58Super League: huge victory against UEFA! 09:40Man Utd: Varane, Real thinks and comes back 09:21PSG: Enrique ignores rumors about Mbappé 09:00Barça: Xavi shakes up his men 08:42Lille: Ltang dismantles his players! 08:23PSG: the pride of Ethan Mbappé 00:49PSG: his relationship with Mbappé, Enrique responds 00:44Lyon: Say it all in the river 00:36PSG: Luis Enrique praises E. Mbappé 00:34PSG: the future of Mbappé, Macron and withdrawal 00:29Lyon: Cherki denies departure rumors 00:29Nantes: Gourvennec’s big anger 00:26Brest: Doumbia joins Cavani 00:19Montpellier: Zakarian turns on fools 00:15OM: Gattuso and the need to rest 00:11Lyon: Say happy for the supporters 00:07L1: the scoring class 20/12Metz: Udol takes charge of the game plan in Paris 20/12PSG: Kimpembe extends! (official) 20/12Lyon: Lacazette salutes solidarity 20/12It is. (Cpe): Bologna eliminates Inter! 20/12PSG: the debut of Ethan Mbappé 20/12Brest: its quadruple, Doumbia on a cloud 20/12Montpellier: Chotard demands efficiency 20/12OM: Harit felt tired 20/12Ang. (Cpe): Liverpool torpedo West Ham! 20/12L1: the classification finished 20/12L1: Nice Objective 2-0 (finished) 20/12L1: Strasbourg 2-1 Lille (finished) 20/12L1: Clermont 1-3 Rennes (finished) 20/12L1: Toulouse 1-2 Monaco (finished) 20/12L1: Montpellier 1-1 Marseille (finished) 20/12L1: Brest 4-0 Lorient (finished) 20/12L1: Paris SG 3-1 Metz (finished) 20/12L1: Lyon 1-0 Nantes (finished) 20/12L1: Reims 1-0 Le Havre (finished) 20/12Bara: a young talent from Grone 20/12All. : Leverkusen is having fun, Bayern is suitable… 20/12OM: Paying the bill, having a regret 20/12Real: Ancelotti is from Leipzig 20/12Esp. : Roberto relaunches the Bara 20/12OM: great competition for Kamada 20/12L1: Clermont-Rennes, the compositions 20/12L1: Reims-Le Havre, the lines 20/12L1: Paris SG-Metz, the lines 20/12L1: Toulouse-Monaco, the lines 20/12L1: Strasbourg-Lille, the lines 20/12L1: Montpellier-Marseille, the lines 20/12L1: Lyon-Nantes, the lines 20/12L1: Brest-Lorient, the compositions 20/12L1: Nice Lens, the lines 20/12Vasco: Payet discusses his post-career 20/12Sociedad: PSG, Alguacil is the motive 20/12Nice: Tottenham accelerates for Todibo! 20/12Juve: the trials of Pogba’s rejection 20/12PSG: a new option for Kimpembe? 20/12Metz: Camara unveils its model 20/12PSG: the arrival of Moscardo is imminent 20/12Real: what is the solution for Alaba? 20/12Inter: Buchanan in the Visor 20/12Miscellaneous: Lavezzi blesses the bladed weapon 20/12Rome: Al Hilal does not let go of Lukaku 20/12Dortmund: Terzic, one in front of Reus? 20/12Barça: Lewy, Zahavi with “suspense” 20/12UEFA: Russia vs AFC 20/12Juve: Berardi is a signatory for this winter 20/12Brest: Mbappé, Roy and another sofa 20/12Dortmund: Terzic sees himself staying 20/12VIDEO: Ancelotti’s “Tchouamninga” 20/12Ajaccio: Bammou is already leaving (official) 20/12Barça: Verratti followed to replace Gavi? 20/12Naples: Gattuso, bad memory for Lozano