Le Graët leaves and counter-attacks

NOToël Le Graët finally gave in and resigned as president of the French (Site notre blog d’information) Federation (FFF) on Tuesday, but he counterattacked by accusing sports minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra of having « lied » on the accusations of harassment sexual aiming at him.

Leaving after more than 11 years of reign tarnished by these accusations, the now ex-president of the FFF had his lawyer announce his intention to « sue for defamation (Ms. Oudéa-Castera) before the court of justice of the Republic ».

Still as unpredictable, the 81-year-old « Menhir » of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé), president of the League from 1991 to 2000 then of the FFF since 2011, has long persisted in remaining in office and has been slow to hand over, 13 days after the communication of a damning audit report for him, commissioned by the Ministry of Sports.

« The mission was the subject of numerous political interference, in particular from the Minister of Sports who violated her obligation of impartiality », reacted Le Graët in an interview with the daily Le Monde, where he denounces an « incredible hype » and and « well-organized political-media cabal ». His lawyer Thierry Marembert announced at the same time on France 5 that his client was asking for the « cancellation » of the audit report before the administrative court.

Inspectors from the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research (IGESR) believe in this report that Le Graët « no longer has the legitimacy necessary to administer and represent French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) », given in particular his « inappropriate behavior (…) towards women ».

« NLG », targeted since mid-January by a preliminary investigation for moral and sexual harassment, was categorical with Le Monde on these accusations: « There is no complaint against me and I did not attack anyone. »

At the Federation on Tuesday, the broadcast of the leader was accompanied by the compliments of his peers from the Executive Committee of the FFF.

Balance sheet salutes

« Through his decision, he has shown once again that he is a great leader of French (Site notre bureau spécialisé) », reacted Philippe Diallo, vice-president who will now act in the interim, at least until the federal assembly of 10 June.

Before Le Graët’s counterattack, the sports minister had revealed that the leader had made by resigning « the right decision for the FFF and for himself », in a statement sent to AFP.

The FFF, targeted in the audit report for its policy to combat gender-based and sexual violence, also counter-attacked, denouncing « a disproportionate denigration of the body » and regretting a « lack of real contradictory procedure ».

Ineluctable, the exit of Noël Le Graët was accompanied by tributes for the « sporting and economic record » of the leader, to whom we attribute the recovery of the « 3F » after the scandal of the World Cup-2010 in South Africa .

The amateur (Site notre bureau spécialisé) league, for example, says Le Graët’s « sense of responsibility », do not choose it « opens up prospects for emerging from the crisis ».

Infantino’s « Right Arm »

This exit from the crisis is still likely to be turbulent.

The president of the League of Paris-Ile-de-France, Jamel Sandjak, has already accentuated the vagueness by resigning in recent days from the executive committee, while many lend him presidential ambitions. The former boss of the Professional League Frédéric Thiriez, historical opponent of Le Graët, also claimed to AFP that « the departure of a man will not solve all the problems ».

The threat of an early dismissal of the Comex by the Federal Assembly continues to weigh, even if that would require that a quarter of its members, in the local clubs, leagues and districts, jointly request the convening of a Inc.

Tuesday, in any case, the Comex displayed its unity: no other member wished to resign individually.

As for Le Graët, he obviously does not count before his retirement: he clarified to Le Monde his intention to bounce back to Fifa as « right arm » of President Gianni Infantino in Paris. A function that occupies January 2022, in which he says he wants to « invest ».

Another topic of the day, the major act of the « Fédée » was designed by a commission of four members to study the future of Corinne Deacon. The new utility selection of the France team is fragile after the withdrawal of three happy families Wendie Renard, Kadidiatou Diani and Marie-Antoinette Katoto, critics of its management.

At a time of the world cut in Australia and New Zealand (July 20-August 20), the crisis seems insoluble. Decisions are made within « eight or 15 days », warned Philippe Diallo.

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