LdC (f): PSG also bows

03/22Nice: Digard and the « fantastic » Thuram 03/22LdC (f): PSG also bows 03/22PSG: Bayern, Verratti assumes his mistake 03/22Nice: Digard announces a « very big team » 03/22EdF: Kolo Muani holder against the Netherlands? 03/22LdC (f): Lyon beaten at home by Chelsea 03/22Nice: Digard sends a message to management 03/22Lille: Fonte will be fixed at the end of the season 03/22Al-Nassr: Ronaldo surprised by the championship 03/22Bara: Messi no longer against returning 03/22Man Utd: Qatar will do and offer record! 03/22Bara: bad news for Pedri… 03/22Besiktas: but where is Dele Alli? 03/22Turin: Radonjic’s OA very active 03/22EdF: Giroud applies for the Olympics 03/22OM: Bakambu has no regrets 03/22Sude: Ibrahimovic does not hide his fear 03/22Monaco: Bara does not let go Vanderson 03/22Ivory Coast: Aurier comments on the S. 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Silva! 03/21EdF: the CdM, Diaby is of the draw in question 03/21Fulham: Pereira followed by PSG? 03/21EdF: Mbappé captain, valid Platini 03/21OM: Tavares, Di Meco is struggling… 03/21PSG: Rothen militates for Mourinho! 03/21EdF: Griezmann, Pirs see a lack of respect 03/21OM: Rongier in EdF, Deschamps responds 03/21EdF: Konat did not see the Griezmann touch 03/21Tottenham: Hjbjerg responds to Conte 03/21EdF: Mbappé captain, Konat delighted 03/21PHOTO: Griezmann with a big smile 03/21Arsenal: end of season for Tomiyasu 03/21Sville: Mendilibar replaces Sampaoli (off.) 03/21OM: Dithyrambic di Meco on Sanchez 03/21PSG: Lahm advises Mbappé to leave 03/21Montpellier: Zakarian warns OM 03/21PSG: I’m pushing to extend Messi 03/21Sngal: Ciss positions itself for Thiaw 03/21Arsenal: a former Rennes target 03/21Ivory Coast: first postponed for Bamba 03/21PSG: Bitshiabu also joins the infirmary 03/21Man Utd: Jim Ratcliffe won’t splurge 03/21PSG: Campos is active for Osimhen 03/21OM: Rothen tackles Sanchez 03/21EdF: Mbappé captain, Deschamps confirmed 03/21Chelsea: a French goalkeeper in the sights 03/21Inter: a great management in preparation 03/21Man City: a great offer for Guimaraes? 03/21PSG: Critical Blade Verratti 03/21Juve: Rabiot, the C1 or the start? 03/21PSG: P. 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