Kovacic, the very naughty tackle (video)


Author of a very (too?) committed tackle this Sunday during Arsenal-Manchester City, Mateo Kovacic did very well.

The gesture is already causing a lot of talk among Arsenal supporters. While the Gunners Host Manchester City this Sunday (8th day of the Premier League), Mateo Kovacic took out the pruners in the first period. The Croatian midfielder sent his crampons on the right ankle of Martin Odegaard (29th). A big mistake worth a yellow card.

In this case, the Arsenal player takes a long time to come out of the nasty blow he received. Fortunately for him, Odegaard was finally able to get back on his feet and resume the game. Mateo Kovacic sent the blower to Monsieur Olivier and ordered the yellow rusk.

Match the balance

The first half of the Premier League clash is also part of the competition. If Manchester City is in a short time, it’s in the same room Gunners Return to the play and its approach to more regulation of the opposing surface. At eleven against eleven, the match remains open. Kovacic came towards me in the second half.