Join Now: The Transfer Market Manager Game with All New Additions

Join Now The Transfer Market Manager Game with All New


Your Bundesliga team

Excitement is guaranteed in the transfer market manager’s game with all new Bundesliga players Matthijs de Ligt (FC Bayern), Karim Adeyemi (BVB) and Mario Götze (Frankfurt) as the transfer window is permanently open – whether you are against your friends or other TM users is up to you. Who has the flair for good deals, who attracts the best newcomers, who is the greatest expert in management?

Gather your squad before the start of the Bundesliga on August 5! Here are the most important steps to get started with the game.

With all the newcomers to the Bundesliga, join the TM management game now!

With all the newcomers to the Bundesliga, join the TM management game now!

Here’s how the manager game works at (Site notre blog d’information):

1. A free registration on (Site notre blog d’information).de is required to participate. For registration

2. Anyone registered as a TM user must first create their own private league. Up to 17 additional players can be invited via TM username or email – i.e. a maximum of 18 participants. Create your own league here

2.1. Alternatively, you can also join a « wild league ». Here you will be assigned randomly selected TM users. As soon as the number of ten players is reached, the league starts. Join a « Savage League ».

TM Manager Game: create your own league here

TM Manager Game: create your own league here

3. As soon as friends, work colleagues and Co. have accepted the invitation, the administrator can give the starting shot for the league of managers. Now every manager is assigned a squad of Bundesliga players and players can be bought and sold. Each manager has the same budget, so equal opportunities are guaranteed.

Buying and selling players: this is how the transfer market manager game works

4. The daily life of a manager begins. Your own players can be offered for sale on the transfer market at any time, you determine the price. The auction is based on the « eBay » principle.

5. Trading takes place in the « Transfer Market » area. There you can see which (Site notre bureau spécialisé)ers you and your teammates want to sell and which ones the computer offers for sale every day – there is only one (Site notre bureau spécialisé)er per league and only for a certain period of time. You can outbid your teammates until the last second, but it can also happen that someone snatches a player from under your nose. Players can also be loaned out for a fee to be negotiated.

6. Trading is also done with the computer. If no other player bids on your player, you can accept the computer’s offer or negotiate the amount of the fee with it. A maximum of three rounds of trading are possible, but the chances of a higher bid decrease after each round. At the same time, there is an increased risk that the computer will withdraw from trading. The traded player will then be placed on a transfer ban for a short period of time.

seven. Particularity of the TM manager game: The transfer window is always open, purchases and sales are possible before each match day.

8th. In the TM manager game, you can conduct secret negotiations with your fellow players and also submit offers for players who are not even on the transfer market.

9. Financial fair play is very important and since you don’t have any billionaires behind you, your account balance must be in the black at least two hours before each game day – otherwise your team won’t be able to get points for you .

Participate and install yourself directly!  Click here for TM manager game

Participate and install yourself directly! Click here for TM manager game

ten Immediately before each match day, you select the best possible eleven from your team and choose four reserves. Based on their performance, players are rated by TM, for example, there are extra points for goals – while dismissals result in negative counters. The player’s TM rating is also included in the rating. Points are awarded on regular weekend game days on Monday afternoons.

Have fun playing – This is the management game start page

You will find all the additional information here and in management game forumwhere you can always ask questions about the manager game.

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