In Leyton, supporters arrive at a match to clean up the dogs – England – Leyton Orient

Sometimes sit-ins are effective.

This Tuesday evening, in League One, the meeting between Leyton Orient and Lincoln City was caused by the intervention of the supporters. While we play the 82e Minute, a Leyton fan entered the pitch to alert the referee, Mr Stephen Martin, that someone in the stands required medical assistance.

No reaction from the referee, who let the game play, while the person in question received a cardiac massage at the same time. The aura goes to the supporters, who are on the pitch and are associated with Mr. Martin, who decides to wear his clothes and clothes while the emergency services intervene with each other.

An hour later, the match was definitively stopped, even if medical intervention continued in the stands. Leyton held, in a press release, to “Don’t forget the supporters at Brisbane Road this evening for their unprecedented appreciation and compassion in this very difficult situation. « .

The club does not have enough new questions from supporters.

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