Impossible is not Lensois!

Reduced to ten and led to the score before the 20th minute of play, Lens nevertheless dominated Reims this Friday at Bollaert (2-1). A precious success in the course in Europe.

When they are not brilliant and inspired, the Sang et Or this season can rely on their big hearts, on this infallible collective and individual abnegation which Reims had the bitter experience of this Friday at the opening of the 35e day of Ligue 1. Despite the expulsion of Danso from the 19e minute – and a penalty then converted by Balogun (0-1) – the Lensois were able to snatch their 16e Success in 18 receptions at Bollaert (2-1). With forceps. Auxiliary triggers.

 » It’s incredible what we’ve been through since the start of the season, and even for three years here. We are carried by something strong in this stadium, dixit Sotoca, hot, on the antenna of Prime Video. At ten against eleven, we are behind in the score and we win, it’s extraordinary! We were tough, we didn’t concede a lot of chances in numerical inferiority, we stuck together, we knew we would have opportunities on the counter, we had them and we managed to turn the tide , it is magic ! We met the pressure on our competitors tonight, we will be able to watch the weekend matches quietly. »

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Relaunched before the break by a blunder from Agbadou – author of a gross foul on Thomasson in the Champagne area, which allowed Frankowski to set the record straight on penalty (1-1, 40e) – Franck Haise’s men were able to count on a new personal feat from Fofana to make the difference after returning from the locker room (2-1, 55e). Building on this success, the Artésiens consolidate their second place with a five-point lead over OM, who host Angers on Sunday evening. A three point from a Parisian leader who will not be allowed to make mistakes this Saturday in front of Ajaccio. All beneficial.