Griezmann chose a French club


Antoine Griezmann has revealed he opted for Girondins de Bordeaux in his last game of (Site notre blog d’information) Manager.

It’s no secret. Passionate about (Site notre bureau spécialisé) as a whole, Antoine Griezmann is a big fan of video games soccer manager. Two years ago, in front of the cameras of the France team, the playing master of the Blues had designated that he was managing Newcastle, with whom he won everything. As a recruiter, in particular a certain Kylian Mbappé for 134 million euros.

This season, Antoine Griezmann has opted for a French club. Asked by ESPN, the Atlético de Madrid striker revealed that he had taken the destiny of the Girondins de Bordeaux into his own hands, with the aim of bringing the Aquitaine club back up.

Did he plan to recruit himself? « Pass before 2030 », he joked. It is true that it seems difficult for a Ligue 2 club to consider offering a player of the caliber of Griezmann. « Imagine the salaries in the second division, it doesn’t pay much there », laughs the Mâconnais. If they return to Ligue 1 in the near future, the leaders of the Girondins may think about making a quick phone call to « Grizi », to find out if he is interested in the challenge…